Thursday, April 27, 2017

Furry fluffy wooly spring babies

The past month has been a whirlwind of outdoor adventures; walks (LOTS of walks), yard work, digging in dirt and worm finding for little Abe, Easter festivities, and other such springy fun.

I promise you there's milk in that pop bottle
and the goat is drinking it.

One of the highlights of the past month happened two weeks ago when little Abe and I attended a baby animal class at a local farm. The class was two hours of baby animal overload (meaning overload in the best possible way). Little Abe was able to pick up baby chicks, pet baby bunnies, bottle feed a lamb and a goat, and learn lots about the animals.

I enjoyed the goat portion the most. Miss Mary put all of us in a room and then called the parents to fetch a baby goat so that each child could bottle feed their very own baby goat. I can honestly say I was a little worried I might drop the two week old armful but it was a thrill carrying the little animal to my son who was waiting expectantly with a bottle full of milk. Once all the goats finished drinking they frolicked around the room full of children and parents. Baby goats are quite possibly some of the cutest things on earth and probably because they're full of such joy and antics. 

These tiny twins are only a few hours old!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Life is simply beautiful

I delight in the absolute simplest of things: a gentle breeze of crisp fresh air, bird songs and the musician's feathered flight, spying my son inventing new games on his own, smiling at my husband while he laughs heartily at something I don't find amusing (we do not have the same sense of humor). With spring comes a vibrant display of new life; the world surrounding almost screams of the miracle being birthed everywhere. I can hardly contain the joy this seasons brings to me through the same routine things that happen every single year.

Flowers and leaves blooming after the long cold white grey winter.
Baby animals being born in every field and every barn.
Birds nesting, working, playing, singing, nesting.
Seeds being sown and sprouting to grow into miraculous plants for a summer and autumn harvest.

Now that spring is truly here, the continuous rains have transformed our dead brown world into a vibrant green wonderland, the birds are all back and bustling, and our windows are open to let in the lovely clean scents and the happy spring sounds. Today my simple self is soaking in the ordinary yet miraculous. Today is perfection.