Bloggers United Federation

Yes, we have a federation!

Sonya Ann at A Mom, Money, and More Federation leader!
Sluggy at DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING VP of Non-Porn Porn
We are: Clamco Secretary of the Interior
Jane at Crabapple Landing Bi-curious
Rachel at Living better one day at a time
Jennifer at Absolutely Sweet Chaos Eco Chick
Chy at Our Little House in the Big Woods Hippy Mama!
Anne in the kitchen at Newer happenings at the table and whatever Secretary of the posterior
Linda at Practical Parsimony
Gill at That British Woman
Cindi at Thrifty at sixty
Kim at Out my window
Frances at Looking forward to becoming more frugal
SAM at A New Frame of Reference
Christina at Tahoe Girl
and me at $12 a day (obviously)

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