The tiny splendid bits of each day... the Lovely things that make life worth living. 
Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. Philippians 4:8

my littlest pup... she LOVES being outside
1.11.15 Sledding with my boys in fabulous sunshine and perfect beauty.
1.9.15 HEAT on this cold blizzary winter day (and night).
1.7.15 A fiery red sunrise on top of inches of pure white, bitterly cold freshly fallen snow
1.6.15 Playing with my kiddo
1.5.15 The feeling of accomplishment from cleaning out the basement

1.15.14 First caramel macchiato and donut of the year.
1.14.14 "HI Y'All" Semi truck message.
1.12.14 Cleaning the laundry area... I know, weird.
1.5.14 SNOW, snow, and more snow! (some sort of arctic blast came through)
1.4.14 A cranky kid followed by a hot shower. There's always some bit of lovely in a day.
1.3.14 Ferocious, violent magenta sunset/ sunburst leaving work.
1.2.14 Giggling to flight of the Concords on the way to work.
1.1.14 Warm coffee, cozy couch, sleeping babe to one side of me (yeah he's not a baby anymore), two dogs snuggled up on the other side while there are frigged temps outside... calm; peaceful calm.

12.9.13 PRINCE PARKER!!!
12.8.13 So I posted my fund raiser yesterday and today I received the first donation. Asking people for money has got to be one of the most uncomfortable things ever but a kind soul stepping up and blessing total strangers they'll never meet is one of the most lovely things I've found. Priceless.
12.7.13 His little, "okay." It's the most adorable thing I've ever heard... along side his "sea-bee."
12.5.13 two cookies and a sweet note on my car seat this morning.
12.3.13 We had the third poo in the potty today. (I bet you wouldn't have expected to see poo on my lovelies list, huh)
12.2.13 The look excitement from my boy when he saw the sea-bee in his car seat.
12.1.13 Saying prayers together before bedtime.
11.30.13 Pumpkin cheesecake!
11.29.13 I gave Annabelle her quilt today. Her reaction was priceless and I was SOOOOO proud to have finally finished it.
9.16.13 My 18 month old son very meticulously colored something that resembled a beautiful jelly fish. This kid fills my world with amazement and awe.

7.7.13 Just chillin.
7.6.13 Big family gathering; road trip with my sister, long time traditions, lots of food, watching all the little kids play together, and trying to remember people I haven't seen since I was a kid. Beautiful rare moments in life!
7.5.13 Watching my son act like such a big boy around a 4 month old baby; him helping out with the burp rag, trying to make the baby laugh, and being a goofy guy. Wow, they grow up FAST!
7.4.13 Killing zombies with a four or five year old little boy and my one year old son. Sometimes I actually forget how fun it is to run around and play make believe with little kids.
7.2.13 My son's smile upon my walking in the front door after work. He's such a tremendous blessing and just melts my heart every single time I look at him.
7.1.13 Passed by a lemonade stand with three little kids sitting at it. You hardly see those anymore. It made me smile so big.

6.30.13 Seeing a bug I've never seen before; this pure white, almost see through flying insect. At 33 years of age it's always neat to see new things.
6.29.13 Chasing the dog around the living room with Abe; about 20 minutes of pure joy, fun, and SO much giggling!
6.23.13 Mustard bottle squirt guns. We had "no" free fun today.
6.17.13 Crafting for Daddy. Too many of my ideas stay ideas. This was a fun productive day.
6.2.13 Spring cleaning. There is something truly lovely about a fresh clean space.
6.1.13 A long family walk through town and by the water AND getting home 5 minutes before the rain!

5.26.13 A big dinner with fresh baked from scratch apple pie. Yum!
5.25.13 My boy went down a slide at the playground for the first time : )
5.20.13 The orange azalea. So gorgeous.
5.19.13 A nice clean kitchen. Housework isn't exactly what I'd call fun but the results are so rewarding.
5.18.13 Yard work with hubby and Abe. I love sprucing up the yard, getting dirty, breathing the fresh air and spending time in the sunshine.

2.10.13 Singing made up song to my falling asleep (rapidly growing) cuddly baby boy. "I love you more than chocolate and more than pizza pie. I love you more than star and sunshine. I love you more than elephants and more than zebras too. I love you more than anything."

1.23.13 Lots and lots and lots and lots and tons of beautiful, dangerous, cold, GORGEOUS snow; blankets, and sheets, and clean fluffy white mountains of snow. I've always been amazed at how such a tiny little flake can so completely transform the world into an entirely new place. Lovely!!!
1.14.13 Really happy, silly, giggly baby. He was hilarious today.
1.13.13 $5 formula coupon at the check out! So nice.
1.12.13 55 degree day in January... WHAT!?!?! My boy and I went for a little walk. It was SOOOOO wonderful just being outdoors.
1.9.13 This morning for only a second or two I traveled a dusty winding road in the hills of Guatemala, smelling ash from the little fires burning in tiny rickety homes spotting the gorgeous mountains.
1.8.13 I saw a swan fly high over the highway while I was driving to work. It was long, graceful, and looked so free; added a bit of peace and calm to my morning.
1.7.13 A silly short old man with a bushy grey beard hoping to "help" me with my job by offering antics. Then exchanging fun stories about his niece and my little boy. Strangers spreading joy... lovely!
1.6.13 Making then eating pineapple upside down cake. Yummy!
1.5.13 Listening to the tiny raindrops like countless itty bitty musical notes tapping away on our tin siding.
1.4.13 Singing and drumming/ pounding on a box with my boy. He loves to sing (warms my heart!).
1.3.13 Watching my son eat cheerios for the first time. I cannot believe how fast he's growing up.
1.2.13 Can I call deep cleaning the bathroom lovely? Watching my kitty sleep in a shoe box all day was heart warming for me.
1.1.13 Lovely quite morning (waking up before the babe), reading and drinking coffee.

12.4.12 four quarters and a simple note left by a 3 year old boy on the quarter machines. wow!

10.3.12 Sunbeams bursting through the grey morning haze, illuminating dew drops on pine needle bunches on pine trees amongst the brilliant autumn painted trees.
10.2.12 Tiny swirling rice crispy leaves playing chase in the parking lot in the strong cool autumn breeze.
10.1.12 Home. Simply being home.

9.29.12 Fresh air, sunshine, and waves in the lake. Sometimes its the simplest things.

8.19.12 Mushrooms and cool (sweatshirt) air during the morning (free) coffee run with my little guy.

7.21.12 Blueberry pickin!!! Fun (and getting to see family)

6.6.12 Smelled the roses

5.31.12 Purple wildflowers discreetly overtaking the lush green fields all over west Michigan. I love noticing the momentary splendor... one day they're here and then their season is done.
5.20.12 Pulling weeds and dripping sweat. The fragrance of dirt as I managed to coat my skin with it. Yard work... ahhh.
5.18.12 Hearing my boy laugh for the first time. AWESOME!
5.4.12 A happy husband. (He's been super grouchy lately)
5.3.12 Getting out of town. A change of scenery is always refreshing... ooh, and I love trying new pizza at different places, yum!
5.2.12 Warmth. Being outdoors in shorts sleeves, sun shining, grass a brilliant green, flowers blooming. The lovely bit of today was that it is finally spring.

4.18.12 magically appearing tiny sand craters. I've no appropriate way of explaining the phenomenon but it was AMAZING!
4.14.12 Absolutely every little thing about my boy.Even his cries, toots, and super whiny moments.
4.13.12 Taking a stroll by the lake.

3.25.12 The flowering trees; yellow, pink, white, purple, countless tiny flowers everywhere.
3.23.12 Listening to raindrops on the windows while I snuggle my sleeping boy.
3.21.12 Spending time and going for a walk by the water with mi brother and his clan in the warm spring weather.
3.20.12 AMAZING warm weather... ooh and blooming flowers, wow
3.4.12 My son
3.3.12 viewing the world through a whole new goggles
3.2.12 seeing pure joy on my husbands face, in my husbands eyes, and all over every bit of my husband
3.1.12 3:06 PM

2.18.12 Godiva Cheesecake and a day with hubby.
2.17.12 Ice cream.
2.11.12 Lovely ladies brunch with family (thankyou Jessica). French toast, sausages, strawberries, getting to see my nieces... good day.
2.10.12 Hugs.
2.7.12 Down time. Peace, quite, calm, and rest. Lovely.

1.28.12 I adore my pups. They add a beautiful spark to life. I really couldn't be more thankful for them than I am. 
1.27.12 Homemade chocolate chip cookies (I'm such a foodie)
1.26.12 Life was just beautiful today. All the trivial stuff was just that. Being alive seemed like a treat, a blessing, a spectacular gift. Everyday should be so sweet.
1.21.12 It's REALLY cold outside which isn't great but the cold temps are making the snow super fluffy, sparkly and gorgeous. Today's lovely is the beautiful, BEAUTIFUL fluffy white snow! Also, the people who gifted cloth diapers for the baby shower. I think they're lovely too!
1.17.12 Crystal twigs. The snow began to melt, it started to rain, then it froze, and began snowing again. Every branch, every stick, every twig is coated in white crystal brilliance!
1.16.12 Chocolate cake AND a Cadbury egg. Sometimes chocolate is thee most lovely part of my day.
1.15.12 Baby shower!!! It was so great to see so many friends and celebrate our special little man with so many different people!!!
1.13.12 Snow, snow, snow! Oh it is LOVELY!
1.10.12 A gorgeous morning moon. A beautiful sunrise on the way into work. A familiar sentiment evoking aroma of Guatemala in the air. It really is the little things that add spice to life.
1.9.12 Baby kicks. I like knowing he's doing well in there.
1.7.12 Time with my sister.
1.5.12 Brilliant morning stars and a lovely afternoon nap in the warm winter sun.
1.4.12 Hundreds and hundreds of birds over the lake and conversing with a long time friend who's been away for years (4 years).
1.1.12 It's warm outside. I'm fascinated that it's the middle of winter (which I love by the way... I think snow is fabulous and we get lots of it here) but I think it's amazing that it's warm outside on January 1st. Amazing!

12.30.11 My little doggie frolicking in the cold rain as if it were a bright warm sunny day.
12.29.11 Hung out with a good friend I don't see often... very nice.
12.27.11 More family time. I love my nieces and nephew(s) and brothers and sisters and mommy. Family time is always great even if sometimes you're an hour late to the party.
12.26.11 Sleep. I'm pretty sure that's all I did today.

12.25.11 Family time. The best thing about Christmas is family time!
12.24.11 Eating lunch out with the hubby and visiting a good friend. Good times.
12.23.11 It FINALLY started to snow. Even a dusting is magical this time of year.
12.22.11 Found my husband that one gift he was hoping for but was sure I wouldn't find. Ah.
12.13.11 Sparrows eating a peanut butter sandwich. Really amusing! 

12.8.11 Saw at least 6 giant V's of geese spread throughout the blue sky all flying south at the same time. The sky was full of geese. It was really neat seeing lone birds leaving the ground and joining the passing by V's. Apparently today was migrating day. I've never seen so many geese.
12.6.11 All the trees are leafless. The sky has been regularly dreary. Vegetation is brown and cold looking. But there is a stretch of roadside on the way home from my brother's that's covered with fuzzy cat tails. Dispersed throughout them are these twiggy bushes with bright red berries all over them. It looks spectacular. 
12.5.11 I think it's lovely that I did not buy pizza today. I wanted pizza so badly. 
12.4.11 Sleep, lots and lots and LOTS of sleep.
12.3.11 Fat squirrels... our friends have a bird feeder in their yard AND there are at least 4 really chunky FAT squirrels in the vicinity due to this fact. They're awesome! They look like little bears. Today I loved the fat squirrels. 

12.2.11 Feeling the little guy swimming and squirming and moving all around. He's quite the active one now.

11.30.11 Sunshine. Probably the last we'll see for awhile. It was wonderful!
11.29.11 The sunset in the entire sky tonite, not just on the horizon and it lasted for an incredibly long time. It was breathtaking!

11.28.11 A very short coffee date with a friend who came all the way from Germany for a visit. SOOOO special, miss you amiga!
11.27.11 Snuggling with the critters... I love my furry babies!
11.26.11 I noticed a sheep scratching his back on a low lying branch today. It's funny the odd little things that bring a smile to my face. I loved it!
11.25.11 Home cookin... Thanksgiving round two, yummy!
11.24.11 Family time... with 38 relatives from my dad's side. Doesn't happen often enough.
11.20.11 Husband felt our little guy kick for the very first time. What an amazing moment!!!

11.19.11 Made a big scrumptious lunch and chocolate chip banana bread while cleaning the house. I'm feeling accomplished.
11.10.11 A penny pony ride gift of lose pennies. There really is some good in this world.
11.7.11 I adore my husband!!! He's just an incredible person (even if he sucks at all things financial).

11.6.11 How have I not had one single November Lovely?

10.22.11 The sun has yet to rise and the green green grass is crispy and crinkly with frozen dew. Winter is coming and I don't mind that one bit.
10.15.11 The wind this morning is absolutely musical.
10.14.11 Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS sky this evening! Deep dark fluffy clouds with dark blue edges covering brilliantly bright green sunny fields and forests as the setting sun shone in all it's glory at the edge of the stormy grizzly looking sky. 
10.11.11 A tiny bit of rainbow in the sky... quite lovely.
10.10.11 I do love my husband.
10.9.11 (free) dinner with friends and a very pleasant evening around a tiny bonfire. Of course there were smores too!
10.8.11 Homemade Reeses PB cup cookies. Oh, yummy! 
10.6.11 A 4 year old boy offering his assistance with my floor sticker job. Too cute! 
10.3.11 Saw my son for the very first time today (ultrasound). One of those life altering moments. What a handsome little man!
10.1.11 Sleep. Lots and lots of lazy Saturday sleep. 

9.30.11 Spent the evening with a wonderful friend, a tiny chai, and a muffin. Very nice.
9.27.11 I drove 80 minutes home from work on the edge of a HUGE storm. The sky to the east was bright and sunny. A sudden tremendously vicious black cloud stretched from just over head all the way west. The downpour was torrential, loud, assaulting, blinding, and fascinating. All the while the sun to the east shone brightly. Dark, mischievous, and a bit inconvenient but somehow lovely.
9.13.11 There was a giant magenta sun creeping over the horizon as I drove to work. The sky was gorgeous. This crazy day began ever so beautifully and peacefully. 
9.10.11 First bonfire of the year and a night with friends. VERY nice!
9.9.11 Gorgeous yellow daisy black eyed susan type wildflowers in fields everywhere. What a lovely day to drive 140 miles!
9.6.11 A very well behaved, obedient Boz in the pitch black 5 am outdoors. 
9.5.11 A pleasant evening with the husband. He's always so much more agreeable when he gets his afternoon nap.
9.4.11 Delicious home made chocolate chip molasses cookies. Running out of brown sugar can actually be a good thing!
9.3.11 Reading. Paid some of the library fine. Got books. I'm tremendously enjoying reading again!!!

8.31.11 An evening alone at home. Sometimes solitude is so wonderful.
8.27.11 Got to see my new niece again (8 days old) and do a little newborn photo shoot. It made for a WONDERFUL afternoon!
8.26.11 The cool crisp morning air... SOOO happy that autumn is approaching. I just LOVE the fall.
8.12.11 Simply the fact that it's Friday. I'm so, so, so happy just for the weekend to be here!
8.10.11 Beautiful Irish countryside sunrise type morning... AND fantastically amazing clouds all day!!! 

7.30.11 Laying in the beach breeze under the shade of an umbrella. Lovely 
7.29.11 Driving home, eyes squinting from the sun, I found myself laughing out loud, mouth wide open from something I heard on the radio about a yooper beating up a black bear. I was in a load of traffic and I suddenly realized that I must look ridiculous. So freeing.
7.27.11 Listening to the pitter patter of the rain on our metal siding and the thundering rumbles rolling through the house, and noticing the green green fields reveling in the liquid delight that's been falling from the skies all day long.
7.26.11 Wild flowers. They're growing within fields everywhere and they're breathtakingly splendid.
7.22.11 An explainable peace and calm was in the house. Everyone was in a good mood, enjoyed each other, and had a really pleasant day. 
7.19.11 Prayer time. That's always good.
7.16.11 Fresh Blueberry pancake. Heavenly!
7.6.11 A tiny little grasshopper hopped onto my toe. It made me smile.
7.1.11 Frozen yogurt (TCBY) and sunshine.

6.24.11 I experienced a ton of brilliant beautiful tiny itty bitty moments today but I can't really recall them. Made for a nice day though.
6.23.11 Life changing day!
6.21.11 When nothing catches my attention; when my eyes neglect to see the beauty; when life stagnates for a moment and I forget to live, there's always my wonderful husband and our sweet little furry kids to keep a smile on my face.
6.20.11 The sky this morning was an awesome eiry orange. Terrific.
6.19.11 Smiles and hugs from my Niece and Nephews. Can't ever get enough.
6.18.11 Today's beautiful moment is happening right now I think... goodnite, I'm going to sleep now.
6.17.11 I saw a dragonfly today. I like dragonflies.
6.14.11 Lying back in my car, eyes closed, enjoying a 20 minute break during work and a pleasantly warm soothing breeze. Calm. Ahh.
6.13.11 My husband is finally home : )
6.12.11 Fresh baked Reese's PB cup Nutter Butter Cheesecake with mi sister. Delicious... ate too much.
6.11.11 Fresh coat of paint on the foundation stucco mess that was... oh the sense of accomplishment!
6.10.11 Yard Work. The great outdoors is truly GREAT. The smell of fresh cut grass, dirt in my finger prints, the cool breeze on my skin, bugs buzzing, birds singing, clouds overhead doing what clouds do... it's all so spectacular.
6.9.11 Accomplishment. Today's cleaning was slow going but I got alot done. I'm very proud of myself for keeping on truckin on all day today : )
6.8.11 Evening quite time reading Psalms.
6.7.11 Two elderly men peacefully sitting on a bench amidst the chaos. Beauty.  
6.6.11 Opened the kitchen window while making breakfast, the cool morning breeze floating in, mingled with the sound of birds songs was a beautiful way to start the day.
6.5.11 Strawberry pancakes. mmm.
6.4.11 The wind dancing through the leaves on the trees. Have you ever just stopped to listen? It's such a beautiful wooshing sound!
6.3.11 Played video games with my husband this evening. I avoid video games like the plague but It was really fun. He was really happy that I took the time to kill zombies with him : )
6.2.11 While I was at work my husband mowed the back lawn, washed all the dishes, got rid of the two broken washers in the basement and now he's doing dinner. Day's like this are rare. He is totally the lovely bit of today.  
6.1.11 Long green grass swaying in the sun throughout hundreds of wild fields, lining the highways, and reaching out over the shoulders of the roads to feel the rush of cars speeding by. (I've no idea why I get giddy about long untamed vegetation... but I do)

5.31.11 Morning Prayer time while driving to work on this hot hot summery day with the bright sun shining, birds soaring in the blue sky overhead, and the wind whipping through the car. Very good way to start the day. Also feeling the grass between my toes while I walked through the yard.
5.30.11 A morning filled with worship music, an afternoon in the glorious sun doing yard work and loving the wonderful aroma of fresh cut grass, lazy time, fresh strawberries, and snuggles with my puppies. Also my husband. I love him so much.
5.29.11 Driving fast with the music blaring