Friday, May 26, 2017

June? Disney. 2017 is flying by.

My blog and my brain seem to be stuck in April... is May seriously almost over? For real, June is less than a week away?!?!?

This year has been so unbelievably busy!!! Good, but busy. I have hardly been by blogger this year and I'm starting to seriously miss all of you. I think I'm going to declare this weekend, "blog catch up weekend," and I'll have to stop by all of your blogs and see what's been happening in your parts of the world.

Updates here: We just got back from a road trip to Disney World. Yep, DISNEY WORLD! (we went to three parks) My husband has basically been begging for this trip for years and I finally said yes. Yes, I temporarily lost my mind. Little Abe was tall enough to go on all but two rides and it turns out that he LOVES rollarcoasters.

That's basically the update. I just wanted to check in and say hello since apparently a whole entire month has gone by since I was last here. Now, let "blog catch up weekend" begin!