Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicago here we come

Today I spent $8.95. I am $9.80 under budget so far this week. Although my husband has gone over the reasonable amount I had in the budget for him he's considerably behind on his spending compared to the trend. So far so good YAY!

Tomorrow the husband and I are going to Chicago. This is technically a birthday trip. He got me tickets to a concert for my birthday and the concert is tomorrow night.We'll most likely blow $30 plus on food so there goes the $9.80 but at least I've $9.80 to put towards the $30 that most likely will be eaten tomorrow evening. Trips to Chicago are generally very expensive: gas, parking, transit, food, cheesecake... money just seems to fly away. But the past few times we've embarked upon the journey we've done an incredible job not nickel and dime-ing ourselves to death. We're not spending the night so that's money saved. We're not going shopping so there's a ton of money saved. I think we'll probably just get one meal so that'll save on coffee's and smoothies (we LOVE Jamba Juice) and cheescake (Cheesecake factory YUM). I am worried about the financial burden of this trip but I'm also hopeful. I think we can do this; have fun and be financially responsible at the same time. Chicago here we come!!!

As for today's financially free special moment I'm going to have to list watching the BEAUTIFUL sunrise as I drove to work this morning. I do love the sunrise!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Think I'm Back

After weeks of horrible budget busters and bad self discipline I'm so relieved to have 2 good days in a row. It's only two days but it feels great to be back on budget. Today I spent $12.51 which is 51 cents over my daily spending budget but I was $7.26 under yesterday. We are under budget by $6.75 so far this week.

As for my "priceless" moment of the day I'm going to have list coming home to my dogs who always jump for joy at my arrival and being able to snuggle with them on the couch after an extremely long hard day at work. Of course once the husband's done playing video games and dinners out of the oven sitting around being lazy with him is another one of those priceless things about life that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fresh Air, New Week

It's hardly spring outside. It's been considerably below freezing all day but the sun is shining and I made a point to go for a long walk yesterday and today. I'm ready for a new week. Today I spent $4.74 and I got another free mocha at church. (there's these free drink coupons that the church hands out every now and again to thank people for helping out and stuff like that... I've sort of been collecting them) That puts me $7.26 under budget starting out this week. Hooray!!! I feel so relieved to finally have spent under budget again.

The snow is ALMOST gone

This week I'm going to attempt to compile a list of free things (mastercard would call them priceless) that I've enjoyed or enjoy. It's the best way I know of to quench the desire to spend money and it's something I really like to do.

Sunday's Little Delights:
I started the morning long before the sun awoke reading a book with my puppies snuggled next to me. I enjoyed going for a super long walk to the beach and back before and during the sunrise. I took photos of all the little things that caught my eye while listening to the birds sing their morning songs and the squirrels rustling in the leaves, and breathing the fresh morning air. At present I plan to turn on some loud energizing music and clean something in this comfy house I call home. I'll dance and sing and probably not make a dent in our mess but it'll be fun and free and cleaning is always rewarding (as is listening to loud spectacular music). All of these activities cost nothing and I'm a tiny bit of a better person for having partook of them all.

Lake Michigan Sunrise

Again, Thank-you all for reading    : )

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing the get out of jail free card

I haven't posted for almost an entire week. Week twelve has been extremely bi-polar for me. I started out motivated, energized and ready to go. I had a plan, a good plan. I followed the plan pretty closely and successfully but my counterpart had another plan and then I remembered why I don't like making plans.

I'm going to play a get out of jail free card right now. Please don't ask me where I got it. I could post a 5 page blog about how my husband behaves like a 12 year old with a credit card (even though it's a debit card and all the money comes right out of our checking account). Actually I just wrote that blog and then deleted it because that's just wrong. I love the man and we're working together on this crap! I'm not going to complain about him even though this week was the opposite of great. So for anyone who's following me I am proclaiming right now that when there's a death in the family and your mother in laws birthday AND a birthday party all in the same week then you can play your get out of jail free card. Ok.

I'm going to be adding an overage category to my spending side bar. I don't want to. I don't think it's a great idea but I can't have this week's spending hanging over my head. I wouldn't be able to stand the weight of it. I can pay it back (balance the $12 a week budget) over time or just leave it as is. We fortunately had overtime from my husbands job on this weeks pay check. It would have been nice to put it towards the debt but thankfully it covered most of the nonsense spending that occurred this week.

All that being said I'm starting week 13 from scratch, budget balanced (sort of). Here's another opportunity to spend $10 a day on food, $2 a day on other stuff and tackle that debt!

side note: even though it got REALLY cold again I did go jogging twice this week. I also prepared several different meals this week. I made lunches for my husband so he ideally wouldn't have to spend money on costly lunchtime food and I did not do any spring cleaning but it's hardly spring yet   : )

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Starting Week 12

I didn't spend ANY money today. The free caramel mocha at church was awesome. The first thunderstorm of the year is in full swing equipped with lightning and all. I'm not a fan of thunderstorms (like most people... I mean it seems like most people really like thunderstorms) but it is truly music to the ears after this long cold super snowy winter.

We just got another batch of 0% checks in the mail from a different credit card. I'm so excited to get this debt GONE and these sudden unexpected 0% offers are like manna from heaven. Both of the ones we've received so far are for an entire year AND the interest that kicks in after the introductory rate is still lower than the interest we're paying on what I'm transferring over.

I did a bunch of yard work yesterday. The fresh air and sunshine has put an extra spring in my step. I am ready for this week! I'm going to try and make different meals this week. I'm going to try and plan some lunches for my husband so he doesn't feel compelled to blow a bunch of money on junk fast food. I'm going to try and jog three times this week (something that's going to kick my butt and be wonderful at the same time). And I'm going to attempt a little spring cleaning. There's some winter dust around this house that's just got to go!

Yay for sunshine and fresh air and 0% interest rates!!!

Good Stuff (as opposed to whining)

Spring is on its way and the tulips are coming up.

I just updated my Credit Card Debt Elimination bar and in three months I've almost paid 6% of our credit card debt. If I were to keep at this rate I'd be able to pay 25% of our credit card debt off this year. That's over $6000 paid in one year. Last year I only eliminated $2800 and the year before that we paid $1450. $6000 would be a VAST improvement. I'm pretty sure I can do more than that though as I pay down the balances the interest goes down and since I transfered some debt to a zero percent card the interest has drastically decreased. I'm still shooting for $10,000 about 45% paid this year even though I'm off to a relatively slow start. In February we paid $336 in interest. In March we paid $199. April's looking to be about $30 less than that!

Coffee at home has been delicious and WAY more affordable than purchasing it away from home.

So far this year I've paid the overdraft account off and I haven't used it since February 3. I paid our smallest card off and I'm on track to pay the next card off by May (I'm cutting it SUPER close though).

Week 12 is beginning with fresh air and warmth. I feel motivated to not spend money, start spring cleaning the house, begin jogging again, and to trying my hardest to be a responsible adult.

AND I get a free coffee at church again: Caramel Mocha here I come : )

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week Eleven DONE!

Ok, now for the reality check. I haven't blogged in a few days because I've been really rebellious. I've just been buying what I want and I haven't wanted to be truthful about it and add it up and post it. We had frostys yesterday. We had taco bell Thursday. I bought $6 pork tenderloin last nite. I spent about $6 on a greeting card and chocolate yesterday for one of the team leaders at one of my stores because he's been REALLY depressed and I just wanted to let him know that it'll all be ok, that he's a really good team leader, and that I appreciate his hard work. I got coffee from McDonalds on Thursday. I pretty much let my guard down, turned a blind eye and just starting spending like normal these past few days. So, we are currently $14.06 over budget. Our fridge and cupboards are empty AND apparently this spending spree mentality is in the air because my husbands spending for the week is absurdly high (like double normal for him)! I'm not spending any money today. Week eleven of $12 a day is DONE! Week 12 will be much better I hope.

I'm planning on planning this next week out before it starts. I hate doing that because I suck at sticking to the plan and it takes a lot of work but it'll help a lot and it needs to be done so here goes.

Another one of Those Whining Blogs

If I won the lottery I'd pay back every penny I owe and then I'd buy food, tons and tons of food. Unfortunately I'd have to play the lottery in order for that dream to be realized.

Have you ever walked the aisles of a supermarket and wondered at the reality of the absurd blessing of abundance that sits at our finger tips? There are at least 50 different granola bars at the store, hundreds of cereals, and enough candy to fill its own candy store. The frozen food for our convenience and tasting pleasure fills 5 rows of coolers at my store. Practically every meat imaginable is available and fresh so that we might be able to whip up one of Emril or Rachel Ray's amazing dishes. Juice, and fruit, and dairy galore. I dare say we hardly ever stop to think about the immense amount of food available for our choosing.

I've two reasons for this reflection. One: I've been to truly impoverished places and I've seen the reality of dirty water and sparse food as a way of life for generations. The people in those places marvel at the tiny selection of food in the one room shacks/ tiendas that dot the roads up the mountains. The people in those places dream of acquiring enough money to purchase a delicacy from those dirty little buildings housing tiny bits of food that we'd probably just pass by if offered any. We are overly blessed and I generally forget that fact myself. I dare say most people hardly ever think about it or even realize it at all.

Reason two for this posting: My fridge is empty. My cupboards are bare. My husband has a slightly rounded belly but I truly believe he thinks I'm starving him. When I see the frown on his face because I'm feeding him ground chicken meatloaf and peas (once again) I feel so impoverished (that dinner costs about $1.65 per person). I spent $6 (over the budget) on pork last nite because I'm sick of feeling poor. I'm sick of having that "I'm hungry feeling" even though it's not actually hunger but just snacking mode and opening every cupboard and nothing being in them. I WANT TO BUY FOOD!!! I want to open the fridge and see fruit and cheese and I'm having a hard time remembering what even goes in a fridge anymore... JUICE! I'm sick of just seeing the milk and eggs and ketchup sitting in there all alone.

Ok, whining done. The point is that I'm not starving and I'm not poor and I'm ridiculously spoiled. I have this ingrained belief that I should be able to have anything I want. The reason I go out to eat so often isn't because I don't want to cook it's because I'm feeding that belief that I have the right to be spoiled. For goodness sakes I remember shopping with my mom when I was a kid. We'd check out with two overflowing carts filled with everything; toaster strudels, mac n cheese, little debbies, fruit, and juice, hot dogs (oh man I want a hot dog... but they've too much sodium for my husband), I mean you name it, it was in one of those carts. If we wanted a toy she'd get it for us. If we wanted a treat, "put it in the cart." My mom was awesome and we ate yummy food. But she lost her house. She lives with my brother. I followed in her footsteps for like 7 years spending tons of money that I didn't have but eating everything I wanted. My husband and I spent SEVEN YEARS getting everything we wanted and now I want my fridge to be full but my fridge doesn't need to be full.

The truth: I'm not starving. I'm not poor. I don't need to have everything I want. I have debt to pay back (ALOT of debt). I NEED to be responsible. I can do this $12 a day thing. I've already proven it. I just need to break this spoiled little brat mentality that I live with. I can break it. I am ready to grow up!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday and Tiny Bunnies

I spent $22.06 today. Yesterday the cartoony little angel me won. Today the other side conquered. I bought coffee from starbucks (I'm not supposed to be buying ANY coffee...grrr) and I spent $1.50 on lunch which doesn't sound bad but it's $1.30 more than I usually spend. I bought a few groceries for dinner AND a pizza. I did put the marshmellowy delicous yellow peeps back. I cannot seem to adjust to this STUPID daylight savings time. I'm SOOOO tired and I don't want to cook or move or be awake. The pizza was good and only $7 but still totally uncalled for. The budget for this week is currently $17.09 over. Even if I kick it into high gear and save save save it's going to take me till Saturday to get the budget balanced. I am cutting it close here!

I saw this tiny white toy bunny with a pull string that scurries along a table top when you pull it. I have spent well over a year quite successfully resisting any and all cute little things for anyone; nieces, nephews, and sunday school kids included. But for some reason I absolutely had to buy that little white bunny for one of the kids in Sunday school who just turned four which means she'll be leaving my class (because I teach the three year olds). I picked up that little white fuzz ball let out a really big, "awwwe," and couldn't put the thing back down. I've got big plans for that rabbit. I'm going to sew a little bag/ purse for it and put the girls name on it and I'll wrap the package in bright pink paper and include a bag of m and m's. I'm pretty excited about this gift but I don't know what caused me to break down. Seriously we're talking a year and half here of virtually no buying stuff for anyone and I bought a toy rabbit. oops.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty Good Day

I only spent $7.55. I struggled ALOT, really wanted Bigbee's (coffee) and an expensive dinner. The little devil me and the little angel me really went at it today. I spent most of this evening thinking about all the delicious greasy foods that would be so easy to purchase and mow down. Pizza, burgers, pasta, ahh, fooood. I was able to refrain however. I didn't buy any coffee today and there's ground chicken taco salad cooking away on the stove right now. The budget for this week is $7.03 over at present. If I can spend just under $5 tomorrow then I'll be back on track. As for right now I'd better get going before I burn the taco meat.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting back into the Swing of Things

I spent $24.91 today. Alot of that was spent on beverages. I bought coffee beans, creamer, milk, two 2 liters of pop. I think it's going to take a tiny bit to get back into the swing of things here. I knew the free for all dining out would break down some of the strength I'd built up. Tomorrow I'll try and spend as little as possible, just like I'd been doing pretty much every day before I went on the Detroit spending spree. Today I went $11.48 over the $12 a day budget. It shouldn't take more than two days to catch up but I'm going to need to be way more careful.

The Plan: I'll have coffee and PB toast for breakfast. I'll bring a few empty pop bottles back and buy some ramon noodles and fruit for lunch with the return money. I've already got a few nutri-grain bars in the car (part of the $24.91 spending today) that I can snack on throughout the day. I think I'll break out the Stanley thermos and bring some home brewed coffee to work with me. The constant Starbucks, McD's and Tim Horton's last week in Detroit is making the coffee resistance pretty difficult. I made a few no-bake cookies this evening that will add a little cheer to the day tomorrow (time change ALWAYS kicks me in the butt pretty hardcore). All I should have to purchase tomorrow is food for dinner. If I stick to the plan I'll be back on budget in no time at all.

I'm going to cross goal number 2 off the list. I haven't used the overdraft account in over a month and a half. Considering that I used to use it almost every week I think I deserve to be able to cross that goal off.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week Eleven Here I Come

The first week this month I spent $86.85. That put me $2.85 over budget. Last week I spent $82.73. That left me $1.58 over budget for the month. This week I intend to make up the $1.58 overage. I have $82.42 to spend this week. I don't need dog food. There aren't any birthdays. I chowed down like a little piggy last week so I have absolutely no need to dine out and am actually looking forward to home cooked food. I think for the first time in at least a month I have a normal calm low budget week ahead of me. Fingers crossed.

Today we spent $8.99 on a pie to bring to dinner at our friends house. That makes up for the $1.58 overage and leaves $1.43 for the future purchases envelope. I also got free coffee for supervising kids at church before church started while their parents were attending a class... I LOVE free coffee. Oh, and we're technically getting free dinner even though we're supplying an $8.99 pie. I think I like this week. The budget is currently balanced.

I sucked it up, sat down and added up all the money that left us these past few days. My husband spent a lot but it wasn't much worse than what he's been spending. After I added up all the spending for that stupid work trip and since I get paid by the mile instead of literally reimbursed for the gas the extra money for mileage covered stupid spending like pay phones, the cell phone minute card that didn't even work, food that I'm not getting reimbursed for and some spending at IKEA. If I get the $35 back for the locksmith and if I get reimbursed for all the receipts I turn in (my work is SUPER picky and I've never done this trip thing before so I'm pretty skeptical about getting all my money back) then I'll actually come out about $4 ahead. *sigh of relief*

I worked a little bit of overtime last week and the week before. I was a few hours short the week before that. It seems like everything is working out. It really does pay to watch where your money is going, to be careful what you're spending it on, and to put hard work and effort towards living a financially responsible life. So far so good!


I'm home. I think I might have to switch to a $2 a day budget for the next month to make up for the past four days.

I drove three hours to Detroit Wednesday to work until Friday. It was either that or only get 16 hours of work this week. I stopped at McD's to get breakfast for myself and my sister in law (who worked with me this week). Buying fast food first thing probably wasn't the best way to start our excursion.

I have a pre-paid cell that I only use when I'm away so I ended up spending $20 on minutes for that as soon as we arrived in Detroit. That turned out to be a stupid plan and a waste of $20. I had to call the cell company from a pay phone because the phone would not accept the minutes and turns out my SIM card was bad (whatever that means). So yes we spent three days in Detroit without a phone (except any pay phones we were near).

That night after we had drove three hours and worked over 10 we returned to the car to discover that I had locked the keys in it. That was another fun hour of waiting in the cold rain in a t-shirt for a tow truck to come and take another $35 from me just to open my car so I could go to the hotel. I think my insurance might cover the $35 but as it stands I spent over $60 the first day of this little "work" trip.

I only used a tank and a half of gas for the entire trip but gas was around $3.65 a gallon. I am getting reimbursed for the gas but not for two weeks (at least) and at present the weight of that much money just being gone is really heavy. I'd really like it back now so I can stop thinking about it.

We also spent three days eating a lot of food (most of which I am getting reimbursed for) that neither of us normally eat, drinking a lot of coffee that neither of us can normally afford, and buying stupid little things like lip balm (the stores and the hotel were SOOOO unbelievable dry... I feel like I'm never going to rehydrate) and payphone calls (which I'm not getting reimbursed for). I just feel like I spent three days sinning. I feel like WAY to much money left my fingers and I need to do something to cleanse myself. It's really a yucky feeling and I CANNOT wait for the reimbursement check.

On another note I have not looked at how much money my husband spent while I was away. At present I can't bring myself to do it. So I close this blog ready to jump back into $12 a day but not knowing in the least what shape our budget or finances are in after four days of madness. Ugh.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome to Crazy Week

Apparently there isn't much work for me this week. I'm covering all of my stores (I work at 10 stores) Monday and Tuesday and then my work is sending me to Detroit to cover some stores over there Wednesday thru Friday. I don't like the idea of being away from my husband and our little furry kids for three days. I don't like the idea of putting that many miles on the car in one week. But I'm even less fond of not getting a full 40 hours this week. So I'm going.

One nice thing is that my work is paying for my meals, $25 a day. As you well know if you've been reading this blog very regularly I hardly spend $2 on a meal. So I guess it'll be a nice treat to be able to buy whatever food I want for three days. I am already planning on buying lots of coffee (and I'm going to need it cause my work schedule over there is CRAZY jam packed). I don't think it will go against my "no coffee purchases until the Chase card is paid" pact because I'm not buying it, my work is. On that note, I did buy coffee today. Actually this week so far has been AWFUL!!! (yes it is only Monday)

Hopefully this week I'll end up with some overtime. If so I'll put that towards the Chase card. No ifs ands or buts about it (what a funny saying). We are definitely falling behind because I've been optimistically budgeting a considerable amount less money for my husband's spending than what he's actually been spending. Right now my "Chase Paid by May" goal is becoming less and less obtainable.

I'm entering Crazy Week $2.85 behind (from last week) and I think I may have already spent this weeks $84. Yes, it's only Monday. I have been incredibly irresponsible with keeping track and I don't want to look. I've been fighting a horrible cold for over a week now. I'm drained, exauhsted, have this overwhelming pressure in my head that's making it feel like someone is squeezing my brain and I've been stressed a little about work and getting enough hours in. My schedule at work has been a bit crazy (I'm very very very much a creature of habit and routine so a crazy schedule messes with me). It's amazing how easy it is to spend/ waste money when you're not paying attention every single second, really truly amazing.

Well, I'm going to go crunch numbers now. Fun, fun. Ok, that does actually sound kind of fun "crunching numbers." What a neat expression.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heart Ache and Hopefulness

I'm just letting it out.

My number one goal is getting out of debt. We've been too irresponsible for to long. I've come to terms with the fact that the only way we're going to be able to get rid of this unbearably heavy financial burden is to buckle down, grit teeth, and do it. As Dave Ramsey says: We need to live like no one else right now so that later we can LIVE like no one else. Well, living like no one else means eating 20 cent ramon noodles every day for lunch, spending $12 a day on groceries, household supplies, and gifts, not buying Starbucks like everyone else, and putting every extra penny towards debt. Living like no one else means focusing on the number one goal and pushing aside everything else.

The Burren, Ireland
I have this unbelievably strong desire to travel, to see the world, and get out of dodge. I love home. There truly is no place like home. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. But my heart and my eyes long to feast upon the planet that God created. I've been to Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, New York city, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, DC... that's my bragging list. But I still need to see the Red wood trees, and the Grand Canyon. I've yet to embark upon the US national parks or the east coast beaches. I've never been to Florida. Everyone goes to Florida. I HAVE to go to Alaska (HUGE trip by the way). Honestly getting out of debt means not going anywhere for a VERY long time. (ok, I'm going to Detroit next week for work but that so does not count) That's such a harsh reality that hurts quite a bit.

Every minute that I'm "stuck" at home I feel like I'm missing out on life. This living like no one else right now so that later I can LIVE like no one else makes my heart ache. Especially with my near sightedness I feel like later will never get here. Worst of all is my missing Guatemala. I've gone on 4 mission trips to Guatemala and I've left a big part of my heart there in the city of Chichicastenango. The only thing that comforts my homesickness for that place is knowing that I'll someday return but right now, at present, I don't see a someday in the future and it hurts SOOO bad. I can live without new shoes. I don't need nice clothes. It's a battle but I can avoid expensive food. I don't need to buy new toys for my doggies. I can handle getting creative and thinking up cheap gifts for people even though I'd love to spend loads of money on my loved ones. BUT sitting on my butt and not getting to travel, not being able to return to my second home in Guatemala, not being able to see the world; that hurts.
Guatemala 2010

This financial journey is looking to be the most difficult journey I've ever embarked upon. But for the record I just want to say for all the world to hear (if they so wish) I am going back to Chichi (Guatemala) someday to see the new orphan homes that have been built since I was last there. I will return to Ireland and visit the Aran Islands and see the Giants Causeway. I am going to see the red wood trees and the grand canyon and Alaska is on my bucket list. I am going to get out of debt and I am going to LIVE life to the fullest!!!

Day 64

The $3 for 3 days went a long way but I ended the week $2.85 over budget. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it though. So far with this $12 a day thing I'm really impressed with my determination. I still wish the debt was decreasing much faster but I'm giving it my all and that's the best anyone can do.

The meatloaf without bread crumbs was just weird. I didn't buy any Cadbury eggs this week and McDonald's does have shamrock shakes now but I didn't buy one of those either. In fact I hardly bought any sugary anything this week which my bathroom scale appreciated. I haven't bought coffee for over 2 weeks. I did really well with the utility crack down the first three days of the week but the more my husband laughed at me about it the less effort I put forth. He thinks I'm being a freak with this penny pinching thing. I am being a freak but I want the debt gone NOW.

In a desperate attempt to get my husband on board with the budget I told him on Sunday that I'd give him any amount of money he asked for. But he had to agree to spend only that money for the week. He asked for $30 and I got his blood boiling when I told him he'd been spending an average of $80 a week. He insisted that there was "NO POSSIBLE WAY" that he'd been spending that much money but then he refused to let me show him proof on paper. I gave him the $30 and honestly he's tried really hard to spend just that $30. Today (saturday) is the first day I've seen any charges on the debit card at work for food for him. Only I don't think he factored in the video game, the beer he bought for a friend, and the charge at Home Depot, and some groceries that he bought (for himself) at Walgreens. Those few charges alone put him at his $80 spending average for the week. I don't even think I can bring that up because he did an awesome job only spending the $30 cash I gave him at work. But it's those extra things that he doesn't think about that blow our budget. I've said it before but I'll say it again: I HATE MONEY!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Case of the Disappearing Meatloaf

I make mini ground chicken meatloaves a few times a week. They're relatively quick, easy, pretty tasty, they fit our dietary guidelines and our budget. Originally my recipe had 1lb ground chicken, bread crumbs, chopped onion, BBQ sauce, mustard, worcestershire, vinegar, garlic pwd, pepper, an egg, and fat free mozz cheese in the middles. I ran out of onions quite sometime ago and didn't want to spend the money on more so the meatloaves haven't had onion for quite sometime. I eventually decided that the cheese was too costly so their middles are quite plain now. Then we ran out of the worcestershire so that hasn't been in the recipe for awhile. The vinegar finally came to an end so, can you guess; I'm no longer making them with vinegar. Honestly because I have slowly eliminated ingredients just one thing at a time spaced out over time we've hardly noticed the difference. There's a little less flavor and they've become firmer because of the loss of liquid. But overall they're still quite tasty.

Here's the kicker. I just ran out of bread. I fully intend to buy more but I had meatloaf planned for tonite so I just went ahead and made the little buggers without bread crumbs. As I type this there are possibly the worlds most plain ground chicken meatloaves cooking in our oven. I have a feeling they're going to be more like odd baked burgers than meatloaves. We'll just have to see. Oh isn't life an adventure.

On the up side I still have $3 left. I was pretty much certain that $3 and then some would be gone by the end of today. Yay for self discipline! The budget for this week is still balanced and I think I might just get some overtime this week to make up for last weeks 3 hour shortage. Good day!

OOOOHhhh, one more item to note: I haven't used the overdraft account for 1 whole month! YES!!!

Three Dollars

Well it's Thursday morning. I've three dollars left to last three days. The moment of calm has passed. I feel like the devious little me took a day off and now she's back revived and refreshed and ready to battle the sensible little me. (you know what I'm talking about right... the classic cartoon sketch where the character has two tiny versions of him or herself standing atop their shoulders arguing about what should be done... I so live that sketch every single day)

The budget is basically still balanced. Now lets see what I can do with $3. I'm not going to fake it, I'm not too hopeful about this one.

Shay addressing your comment. I haven't heard of your "inner child" but I SOOO have one. I wrote several blogs about it last year actually. I call it my little monster. That cell phone idea is funny because I pretty much do that. This sounds crazy but I swear I'm not: I've actually taken a break from work before and gone out to my car just to put the little monster in it's place.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moment of Calm

Every once in awhile there's a brief moment of calm. Today was anything but calm. I didn't sleep very well last night. I'm fighting an annoying cold. I worked almost 10 hours today. I only took a 15 minute break. The husband and I did a 60 minute work out as soon as I got home.

Emotionally however, stress wise, angry devious cartoony little me verses responsible cartoony little me wise today was quite calm. I didn't crave sugar. I think I'm going to blame that on the cold because I'm nothing if not a sugar addict. I didn't have to fight with myself today about whether or not to waste money on chocolate or jelly beans or a milk shake (that's sort of random because I haven't had one in a very long time but shamrock shakes are coming soon (if they're not here already)). Not battling sugar afforded so much peace and calm.

I also didn't feel compelled to buy any expensive food today. Sometimes that $4.99 bag of granola looks so good AND it's healthy but it's gone as soon as I get it and I cannot afford a $4.99 bag of granola. The same goes for the aisle after aisle after aisle (I think there's about 23 aisles) full of food that I really cannot afford IF I want to eliminate debt and reclaim freedom. I really didn't want any of that luxury food today.

I'm doing pretty well with my coffee challenge. I haven't bought a coffee in 11 days. But every once in awhile something in me screams, "ONE MOCHA WON'T HURT!!!" I didn't have to confront any loud angry voices screaming about coffee today.

Today was one of those rare gems that pop up out of no where and add a little sparkle to the game. The budget for this week is still balanced. I do still have cash left. I know; I better still have cash left it's only tuesday : )  I do.