Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year's Resolution: I DON'T CARE!

Maybe it's horrible but I'm serious, oh no, not that I don't care about resolutions. On the contrary, that is my resolution. I don't care!

Yesterday at work amidst chaos and after a HORRIBLE start to the day/ year  I found myself telling a co-worker, "my new year's resolution is that I don't care." It sounded silly but my oh my did I love the sound of it.

I wear A LOT of hats, or at least I try to. I juggle a ton of things all day long. But to be honest I can't juggle very well. This year I genuinely want to go through life declaring at almost every occasion where I'm about to pull my hair out, this close to losing my temper, just about to physically feel my blood pressure rise (the list goes on): I don't care.

To be clear, I do, but so far it's felt really good to say it because for some reason these three little words really do help me let go. You know that famous Disney song? It's something I'm not good at.

When my son takes a bath and I remind him three times beforehand to keep the water in the tub only to walk in 15 minutes later to a soaking wet bathroom floor: I don't care.
When something at work makes absolutely no sense (in fact it's complete non-sense) but we all have to go along with it anyway: I don't care.
When it's 8PM and there are still twenty things un-done but I need to let go and move on with the night: I don't care.
When I could clean all day (to be honest I could do that everyday) but I should spend some good quality time with my kids instead: I don't care about the mess (it can wait). I don't care.

I could do this all day so I'll wrap it up. There it is. Maybe it's awful but I don't care.

Happy New Year! Hoping a really great 2019 for all of us.