Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quick update; Yay Spring!

I have not been blogging, clearly. I have not been reading other people's blogs, sorry. I truly miss all of you. What I have been doing is spending hours and hours outside each day for the past five days in a row. Spring has FINALLY sprung and Little Abe and I have been doing lots and lots of yard work, been having fun running around, he's been playing with friends, and we've been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Ahh, I feel alive again!

Putting the Bidwell Casaba sprouts in bigger pots while they're waiting to go in the ground.

Killing grubs while mama weeds the front bed.

Yes he's wearing winter boots and a tank top : )

Playing with his favorite little friend.


  1. Wonderful! You are doing what you should be doing!

  2. I love how kids dress in the spring-shorts, boots, hat's, tank tops-whatever is quick to grab to get out the house fast!