Sunday, March 12, 2017

Two Months In

I've been very absent in blogger land which sometimes is a reflection of chaos and bad crazy in my real world. I wanted to quick check in with all you folks, people I enjoy having a little part in my life and many of you whose lives I enjoy being a small part of as well to say no chaos and bad crazy going on here, just lots of busy busy life.

Two months ago I posted the following. I just read it today and realized how completely and totally true every world of it still is. This year, 2017 still feels really new, different, and despite the busy, busy, rush, rush this has been and looks to be a happy new year.

January 11: This year feels weird. It feels hopeful but weird. Maybe it's just the way I'm interpreting the fresh feeling of newness that virtually every January holds. After all we're only eleven days in and I've been focusing not on cleaning my home, nor on losing weight, or any other respectable task but instead I've been focusing on laughter. I imagine that could give this brand new year a feeling of hopefulness. Whatever the case it has one. 
My husband and I seem to be on the same page in many areas. There's nothing normal about that. When they say opposites attract they were talking about him and me. There's something really fresh and new and revitalizing about this place of strange unity. I feel like little Abe is at a place, at an age where so many huge new beginnings lie before him. He's getting so smart so fast. He's getting so aware so fast. He's able to do so many things so much more fully. It's mind boggling to witness. I'm in awe of him. 
Also, in terms of myself I feel so calm. I think my job was giving me so much anxiety for so long, and my health suffered as a result. Now that I'm feeling content and peaceful in my daily life I can feel my back pain decreasing. I can feel strength finally starting to build up in my back after so long of feeling almost cripple (something I try and not speak of often on the blog). I'm finding more motivation for little things, granted that has a lot to do with back pain decreasing. It seems that progress can now be made in so many areas that have been stagnant for a long time. 
And I'm excited. I'm excited to live each day as it comes. I'm excited for every tiny beauty. I'm excited for all things new. I'm excited for the joy that can be had in simplicity. I'm excited just to be. There's a really lovely calm amidst the excitement and I think it's what they call happy. I am happy.
Little Abe and his daddy


  1. Nice to read from you. We all go through spells where blogging just seems like a have to, and that is not the point of it, so glad you disengaged for a bit, and focused on your self and your family.

  2. Lovely to see you back! I was wondering if you were OK then I saw you had left a comment on my blog so I nipped over here. You sound to be one happy bunny!

  3. I am glad you popped in just to let us know that you are still laughing!

  4. I clicked on a blog--$12 a day and a baby on the way. However, I came here to $12 a day. Are you pregnant? How can two blogs have the same address?

    1. No, not pregnant. I can explain it though. When I was pregnant I changed my header to "$12 a day and a baby on the way." I changed the header back to "$12 a day" when baby Abe was born BUT people who added my blog to their links during that, basically six month time frame have it still titled with "baby on the way" in their links. I've noticed that my blog is called that on several different blogger sites. Apparently I'm eternally pregnant on several different pages.

  5. Enjoy reading your progress!