Friday, March 23, 2012

The Rundown

During week ten of 2012 we spent $81.81 (just a tad under the $12 a day budget) Hooray, and thanks to the kind folks from church who brought us some meals!

The baby is 3 weeks old now. Surprisingly time is not flying by. With the impending doom of work resuming in May I figured it would.

During week eleven of 2012 we spent $97.07 ($13.07 over budget). Not horrible considering I've been paying NO attention to finances.

Did anyone else know before having children that babies sort of make time cease to exist? For the past three weeks I've had virtually no clue as to what day it is, what time it is, or when the last time I took a shower was. Yikes.

Ok, so my total spending for the year comes to an average of $13.72 a day. It's not $12 (yet) BUT it's less than last time I calculated it. GETTING BACK ON TRACK! Woohooo

It's REALLY difficult to tell when you're basically staring at your newborn baby every minute of everyday but he's definitely getting bigger. (that's a good thing) It's really great being a mom, having a new little person in the family, being privileged to such an extent as to have the responsibility for this new AMAZING life!!!


  1. He is the most precious baby in the world. I mean that!

  2. You do lose track of date, time, showers, and sleep. But they are only this tiny once so enjoy every second. Sleep when he does. I know you hear it and say but the dishes and the laundry arecup to the ceiling! Doesn't matter. You need sleep way more than clean clothes and dishes!

  3. Great job with the finances, particularly when not watching with an eagle eye. Love the photo of your lovely baby boy!

  4. He looks so content! enjoy this time with him, everything else can wait.

  5. He is soooo cute !!!

    By the way you didn't reply to my question, would you like to have link exchange ?