Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy With Life : )

Since my absence in blogger world life has been... crazy!

The day we brought baby Abe home I realized that my life was COMPLETELY changed forever. The first few weeks were similar to what it must be like to live with an entirely helpless alien. We hadn't a clue what we were doing and he was just learning how to be alive. Time ceased to exist while we learned how to burp, feed, diaper, decipher cries, bounce and rock him in ways he likes, sing songs that soothe him, and swaddle just right so that he'll sleep longer than 15 minutes in his bassinet. Needless to say I haven't blogged much during the past 6 weeks, or read many blogs, or cooked, or cleaned, or spent very wisely.

I'll be starting back to work in three weeks. I'm terrified at the reality of it and trying my darnedest not to think about it and not suffer a nervous break down and lose my sanity. I've been very consciously trying to savor every moment of this time off that I have left with my boy. I may possibly be creating a dependent monster but I intend to sing to him, hold him, talk to him, and soak up every little expression that shows on his face. When I'm tired and stressed and grumpy it doesn't even matter because I'm here, at home with my son. Nothing else matters.

Financially, yikes! We're about $300 over the 3 month maternity leave budget. Not a big deal because I can pay some stuff late until paychecks start coming in again in May. Additionally however the plates on the vehicles need to be renewed this month:$200. The van broke down and needs to be fixed before I go back to work. The breaks on the car are going out and since I drive over 1600 miles a month we can't exactly ignore them. I NEED new work clothes and shoes before I go back. We have EIGHT birthdays coming up in the next month including my husband. The hospital bills have started coming in: over $2000 already. When it rains it pours! But I don't even care. I'm not phased by any of it because the cutest boy in the whole world is living in my house and I get to be his mom. I get to witness all of his amazing smiles, and respond to his adorable coos, and praise him for lifting his muscle man head. I am truly TRULY blessed! All that financial stuff will work it's self out (somehow... I hope). It always does.

I actually managed to go over the budget, add everything up, get everything caught up today AND write this blog. Our average spending so far this year comes to $13.75 a day. I am pretty dog gone happy with that. (what the heck does that expression even mean, geesh?)

Today's Lovely: absolutely every little thing about my boy. Even his cries, toots, and super whiny moments.


  1. He's adorable!!! Cherish this time with him

    K xx

  2. Congrats! I have a 9 week old so am in your same shoes! I want to change to part time at work so am following frugal-type blogs to save money. Thanks for your blog!

  3. Awww, sounds like you're having a lovely time, and you're doing really well with the budget at $13.75 a day!!

    What's happening to Abe when you go back to work? Is Daddy looking after him?

  4. You will make it, tell all the birthday people that they get a card, you have to pay for a baby. If they don't understand that well..... He is sure cute.

  5. He's gorgeous! And, your life is supposed to be in total chaos - you just had your first baby. :-)

  6. Such a pretty little boy!
    And you didnt go over your budget that much. Think about what it would have been before you started budgetting!
    I'm trying to save up for my coming hospitalbills that will come somewhere octobre. But that is really hard. But every cent counts.

  7. What a great picture! I love how the light shows off his soft hair. I'm glad your back blogging but totally understand the absence.