Sunday, August 19, 2012


Happy to announce that I didn't spend one single penny yesterday. I cannot remember the last time that happened. A dear friend of mine has been reading through my blog. She's been attempting the $12 a day challenge and doing incredible at it! I on the other hand have been struggling hardcore but she inspired me to buckle down (at least for yesterday).

I'd run out of coffee BUT I had two empty Starbucks bags (which afford a free tall coffee each). I redeemed one bag yesterday morning and one today. Lucky me, there's a Starbucks about 6 blocks away. I ate cereal all day yesterday. I made my very first Quiche for dinner. I'd bought the ingredients for it on Thursday and I do love Quiche so it was a treat really and I was pretty proud of myself for FINALLY making one. So simple, so delicious, and only 5 ingredients (eggs, milk, cheese, broccoli, tomato... oh and pie crust).

Today is a new day but I am SOOOOO stoked that I managed a no spend. Hooray!

I've been backsliding pretty bad when it comes to the "acquiring new" items versus simplistic living. I really truly believe that I have beyond all that we need and buying new anything is just excessive/ wasteful. The catch is that I've brought a perfectly new little person into this world and I get to decide what he needs. Although we were VERY blessed by the baby showers it is quite easy to think he "needs" more than he actually does. This is mostly where I've been slipping.

So I can imagine some readers getting frustrated and thinking "you'd better not be thinking about depriving that little guy of yours." No, no, no he will have the world at his finger tips but I've found myself purchasing a sleeper or some other article of clothing that I was thinking he hadn't enough of BEFORE checking through bags of hand me downs and realizing that he had plenty. I bought a teething ring the other day before finding two in a bag of random items that I'd set aside because he wasn't needing them yet. I did the same thing with a bottle brush and then realized we had one.

The point I'm getting at is that I've strayed from spending wisely. I've made a habit out of not just grabbing things I "need" on a whim but rather holding off for several days before making the "needed" purchase. But this habit is slowly being broken and I cannot stand for it. I can honestly say that at least 99 out 100 times that I've put off purchasing something in order to brain storm a solution to the need I've come up with a free/ alternative plan. I need to return to that mindset and I am setting out to do just that.

I shall resume my list of "stuffs" purchases. I shall be thorough and honest. I rather lament that I got lazy and neglected it in the first place. It turns out that listing every "thing" purchase was quite invaluable to me. (the list is on the right side of this blog under 2012 stuff purchases... which is totally inaccurate since I stopped adding to it months ago. The 2011 stuff purchases list (just a bit below the other) is in fact correct).

For the record I've $32.58 remaining through Wednesday in order to balance this weeks budget. I'm on a mission! I also hope for one more NO SPEND between now and then. Shoot this was going to be a quick little blog... that didn't happen.


  1. So I can imagine some readers getting frustrated and thinking "you'd better not be thinking about depriving that little guy of yours."

    Actually, quite the opposite. I was thinking how difficult it would be for me to spend the kind of money you do when if I had the debt you do. Especially if I had a child.

    I really mean this in a kind way, even though it may not sound like it. Just stop it! Stop the madness! Stop buying things!

    Children need parents that are financially stable.

    Good luck!


  2. Listen, $12 a day - I have no vested interest in your success or failure, other than wishing well for you.

    You said you have everything you need. I see all your purchases, and see money that could probably be used to pay down debt. Can you see it at the register, too?

    Keeping this blog is supposed to keep you honest, I think? I am asking you hard questions that people who want you to succeed ask.

    Take from my comment what you will. Maybe I am off-base. It doesn't really matter to me. I am just a commenter from the interwebs.

    Again, good luck.


  3. It's awesome! You are on the right path :) And I remember the time when I would buy lots of unneeded and unnecessary things when my first boy was born. I think it comes with becoming a Mom :) But later I learned that it really is hard to deprive a baby. All they need is food,some sort of diapers, clothes (clean, not necessarily new) and place to sleep. The rest can be used, re-used, substituted etc. etc. Like lots of parents love to buy bright and loud toys when kids love to play with household items (read: measuring cups, a bottle filled with dry beans...) the most. It takes time to learn this balance. But you'll get there, I know :)

  4. that's great! little victories give you energy and make you more creative in finding other solutions.