Saturday, August 18, 2012

Putting on Rose-ish Colored Glasses

I just added up the 19 hospital/ doctors bills we received for our little mans entrance into this world.  The total (after insurance paid their share) is just over $2900. (That's not a lot of money to some people but it's A TON of money to us) I've been paying a little at a time but we just don't have that kind of dough lying around. We'd go into debt a million dollars and more for the little dude but it's still sad that we owe even more money now. AND I had a no bells and whistles delivery. We used a midwife which is cheaper than a physician and I didn't have any pain meds/ epi which saves a considerable amount. Geesh! (just to clarify I didn't refuse pain medication to save money. thats the way I wanted it. I'm just saying that would have cost even more)

Adding to the $2900 debt increase this year we just CHARGED (that's right, got out the credit card) $500 for our Boz. His teeth were getting really bad again and there was one that was really infected and causing him alot of pain. I don't know if you remember but he got several teeth pulled last year due to gum disease. Well he just got 5 more pulled. It needed to be done. He's feeling MUCH better now. His mouth is cleared of the bacteria which does affect his little heart. Truth, it had to be done. BUT I'm feeling like such a failure when it comes to the debt journey right now. I guess I'm sort of feeling like a marathon runner who just stopped half way.

BUT I haven't stopped! Here comes the Rosy part. I'm not doing good. I've had some pitfalls. My hours at work are still slow (which is REALLY hurting us financially). The debt is starting to climb up again (that terrifies me and makes me feel like a loser) BUT I have last years victories under my belt. I can keep chugging along knowing that we'd be SOOOOOOO much worse off if it weren't for the hard work I put in last year AND I can keep going. I can get out of debt, totally, for real, for good! I can do this. I've been doing this. I'm still doing this despite how it looks and feels right now. 

Looking through the rose colored glasses I can see that I haven't been perfect along this journey of mine but I'm still going, I HAVE NOT QUIT and we're going to get out of debt. It's just not a sprint : (

Life is beautiful!


  1. Having children is expensive!! I really you'll get better hours soon.

  2. I'm Canadian and hearing about your hospital bills trully horrifies me! I CANNOT believe women and their partners have to pay that much (or anything at all) for bringing children into the world...I also wanted to say that you should definitely feel proud of what you have accomplished. I hear you about feeling like 'a loser', but no matter what, you are making progress. Keep it up.

  3. Stay positive! Things will change for the better :)

  4. I agree with Andrea, that's crazy. Plus, from what I hear, pain medication should definitely be free - pretty much against human rights to make someone suffer childbirth without it!!

    Is there any financial support you could use to help you cover the costs? Of course you had your insurance, but is there a government scheme to help or anything?

    1. oh, don't get me wrong. I didn't want pain meds. I wanted a completely natural birth but I'm just saying I'd owe even more if I'd gotten any. We don't qualify for any sort of assistance cause we both work full time.

  5. Having a child is expensive but so worth it. Just keep plugging along. I have been trying to get out of debt for over 25 years so please don't give up. I don't want you to relive my struggles. You can do this and I will be here with you. I have incurred over $12,000.00 for plumbing problems and I don't even have a cue little boy to love. I don't feel like a failure and neither should you.

  6. You are doing great. Keep on going. I am a Canadian who is very thankful for universal healthcare. I did want an epidural with both children, and can't imagine even having to consider the cost of it.