Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 50

Well I did it. I made it to NO SPEND day 50. That means that collectively I've almost gone two entire months of 2013 not spending a single penny.

In the grand scheme of things I don't know how much of an accomplishment this is. I know some people grocery shop once a week. Some people live far out of town and don't get to purchasing things too often. But I think more people than not spend money practically every single day. You buy a coffee or a pop, you pick up a donut or a candy bar, you stop for a hair cut or pick up a gift for someone; spending money is easy peesy.

Well 50 days down, 54 days to go. I'm shooting for 104 days of not spending this year. It's kind of fun and it definitely saves me money. A dollar here and a dollar there adds up very fast.


  1. Every dollar is another One. I can't say I've been doing that good. Getting real tight now. Just have to hold out one more week, before the money comes in again. And with nothing to buy for diners I'm going to make it a long way.
    As of next week everything needs to be checked again, before buying. Going to try to make a no spend week (as I don't shop every day).

  2. Proud of you! Way to reach your goals!


  3. You have exceptional disipline to do things like this. So many people would consider it too hard and give up. I congratulate you :) How many hours a week do you work? Do you think you would be able to do online work to pull in some extra money, or start a side hustle? It just might help you reach that $15,000 a year goal that little bit faster. On my blog I have a post called one hundred ways to make a dollar or more. You might find it useful :) Have you also considered entering free competitions? In Australia we have websites that show all the competitions listed in the country, I am sure the US would have one too. So many are free and the more your enter, the better your chances. Take it from someone who knows I have been entering competitions (free ones) for the last year and have won almost $7,000 worth of stuff including a $5,000 cash prize. Facebook likes competitions are super easy or 25 words or less ones. I have also written a post that gives you tips on how to increase your chances. Good luck!

    1. Thank-you. The no spend days have actually been very difficult but rewarding in a way too. I feel very accomplished after having marked one off on my chart.

      My work is contracted so I am a 32 hour employee that gets between 40 and 15 hours a week. And sometimes we just get laid off. Sometimes I feel like a weakling but since welcoming our son into the world I have a very difficult time keeping up with work, household tasks, and spending time with my family. I would have considered extra work in the past but currently I am just trying to do a decent job at all the tasks in my life. I think that okay for now : )

      As for competitions. I don't know exactly what you're referring to... just like winning prizes?