Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Lovely Morning Stroll

It's amazing how time can get away from us. I went for a walk this morning, my favorite route in fact. For 2 hours I walk a trail through town that takes me past the nicest yards with the hugest flowers, through the dune forest, past the lake, and right downtown. I realized as I took in my favorite sights that it's been over 2 years since I'd walked this pathway. I strolled my son along with me this morning for the first time (he's almost 18 months old) and I know I hadn't taken this path while I was pregnant. Wow, over two years since I went on my favorite walk. Where has time gone?

I felt as if I'd been reunited with an old friend today; watching the squirrels scurry along, listening to the variety of birds chirping their morning songs, hearing acorns tapping to the ground after falling from trees, that twisty tree that grew all spun around, that waterfall in some clever home owners back yard, the dune grass almost as tall as me sparkling in the sun, and the best part watching the gigantic Lake Michigan emerge from around the bend while out of breath from walking up a dune sidewalk.

The best things in life are free. Two years is far to long to have been away from these little things.

Might life altering beauty cross your path today as well!

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  1. SO glad you took the walk! There is almost nothing better and most beautiful in life than the dunes where you grew up.