Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today greeted us with carrots

I started the first thinning of our carrots today. The orange carrots are lagging behind but the purple carrots were ready to thin and offered us some small but delicious veggies. I only pulled enough for a salad so we'll thin another row and have more backyard treats tomorrow but how exciting that the garden is starting to feed us.

Do you see any carrots on this salad? There aren't any because my kid ate them all before I had a chance to use them. But it's my first carrot top salad of the year and it was summer perfection!


  1. Love it! We can't really get the cucumber in the house before people start eating them here. They are the big hit. Best part for Nick when we came home from vacation was finding 4 giant cucumber lurking in the yard. :-)

  2. You don't mean my carrots were ahead of yours this year? I feel VERY proud!!!!

    However, I am also very impressed that Abner ate the carrots before he ate the strawberries. That is one very unusual child!