Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Home

Today I'm working on a backwards to-do list. Little Abe and I are trying to accomplish as much as possible (well sort of; we've been watching TV for the last hour) and then I'm adding each accomplishment to the backwards to-do list.

I don't work Wednesdays which equals: I love Wednesdays but I tend to think of this middle of the week random day off as a total veg day. Add this week's heat and I knew today would be completely unproductive if I didn't have a mission.

So far on the backwards list:

water and weed the garden
trim the tomato plants
read books together
go to the library
eat lunch in the backyard and watch the bumble bees
second thinning of the carrots
(there are about 50 carrots left in our bin now that should be able to reach full size)
play with play-dough
laundry (of course)
take the dog for a walk around the block

Well, I'd best get back to the list making or today will soon be over.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day.....except the laundry which I am doing myself as we speak :)

    1. Laundry is always a necessity right? Especially since my son feels the need to wear five outfits a day and my husband can't us a towel more than once. Never ending for sure!

  2. Good to see that the backwards-to-do-list includes play. Enjoy!

    1. Always! I think I always have some sort of play on my to-do lists. It's a requirement.