Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I am a jumbled mess.

Over the years the main lesson I've learned from this blog is that everything in life runs smoother with a plan. Don't get me wrong, at heart I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-artistic-turn-life-into-a-giant-collage type person. But planning things; having a spending plan (not just a budget), having a weekly meal plan, having a plan for numerous different tasks makes each task run more smoothly AND having such plans does ease a good deal of stress. BUT planning takes work and sometimes the initial work can make the benefits appear small and insignificant.

Ever since the job change about six months ago I've been really frazzled. My husband and I really like our new jobs but it took a decent amount of time for all three us to adjust to the schedule, routine, and all over changes in life. I think all planning fell through the cracks six months ago but I've still yet to pick it back up.

Essentially, I'm driving myself crazy. I can't tell you how often I rush out of work while needing to pick up three things and leaving the store with fifteen things or more. This means way overspending. And we're constantly out of one or more fixins for a dinner even so. My mind is always racing about something I'm trying to get done very last minute because I didn't have an initial game plan. It's madness!!!

It's time to regain control of my life. This blog post is my motivation to buckle down and get back to it. Christmas is coming and any planning I'm attempting seems geared towards that. Christmas will be great and we're going to make the most of this month of holiday festivities but gosh darn it I am off work tomorrow and:

make a meal plan
go over the budget
write out a spending plan for this week
post real December goals
and finalize Christmas spending

Okay, self motivational speech done.
I hope everyone is having a great week thus far.


  1. I am sure you have heard of the pantry principle http://www.beingfrugal.net/menu-planning-and-the-pantry-principle/ but if not it might work better for you than meal planning. Essentially you always have certain things in your home to fix a meal and fill in the gaps with grocery shopping. No running out for an ingredient for tonights supper as you add it to your list as you use it up so it will be availabe for your next meal. I've never meal planned as find it entirely too rigid. We basically decide what to each each morning and defrost it then for that evenings meal which gives us choice too. The only rule is that all ingredients must already be in the house!

  2. Can you start with a few easy wins? Here's a typical to do list for a day off for me:
    1) Breakfast (seriously, I list it, because I get momentum by checking it off)
    2) Make plan for the day (again, hilarious, but needed)
    3) Laundry
    4) Menu plan
    5) Grocery list based on menu plan
    6) Trip to store(s)
    7) Dishes
    8) Lunch
    9) Prep for dinner (chopping, find the recipe, defrost anything, etc)
    10) Exercise (even a walk outside in the fresh air gives me a boost)
    11) Clean room X
    12) Make dinner

    I use this pretty much every non-working day. My working days look way more scrambled. The list anchors me every time I lose track & attempt to do nothing. I also build in time for relaxing, but that may be more of an advanced technique.

    You CAN DO THIS!

  3. I love your goals! I especially like the second one. That's about acceptance that you need a bit of slack. I am always in awe at your self discipline bit and I know that you'll soon sort any overspend but this could be a month when a few small indulgences are definitely in order.