Friday, December 23, 2016

The Christmas Let Downs (don't fret: this isn't a grouchy post)

I woke up with a sore throat and I think I might have a fever. Two days before Christmas and once again (this seems to be somewhat of a reoccurring holiday tradition)... I don't even care. This Christmas season has been really great. Has there been too much stress? Yes. Has there been the usual rush, rush, go, go, go? Yes. Has work been crazy? Of course. But none of the stupid stuff matters because Christmas has been great.

This year little Abe and I have made the most of our holiday traditions. We've anxiously done a countdown each morning. We've enjoyed a few different wonderful advent calendars. We've baked several batches of Christmas cookies together. We've made cards for loved ones together. And sent them out in the mail. In today's digital age I think real mail (like the kind that has handwriting and return addresses from people you actually know) has an even more magical aura to it. We've read Christmas books together every day and talked about the birth of Jesus. We've focused on little ways to give to others all month long. And I think we've very much appreciated the gifts others have given to us.

All three of us have gone sledding in the spirit of Christmas fun, watched Christmas movies together with hot cocoa, played in the snow, and gone gift shopping for friends and family. We've listened to Christmas music over and over and over some more. We've been to one family Christmas party, one Christmasy dinner with friends, and, oh yeah we went out of town Christmas shopping with little Abe's Grammy.

The whole month of December has been a celebration, not just in preparation but a true celebration. In years past Christmas day tends to feel... it can be a bit of a let down. So much anticipation, so much preparation, so much craziness at times for this one day; one day that just comes, goes, and then... it's done. In years past all the little let downs of Christmas day, maybe not getting the ONE gift you asked for, getting the flu instead, maybe getting into an argument with a relative, or just being thoroughly annoyed and bothered by them, maybe just the day going by much too quickly and you feel not enough was accomplished, so many things can make Christmas feel disappointing. I'm just being honest. MAYBE you've never suffered from the Christmas let downs, but many years past I have.

Right now, two days before Christmas I'm feeling pretty satisfied with how this Christmas turned out. Anything bad that comes from here on, I don't care. My Christmas was great this year! Anything good that comes from here on, well it's just all icing on the deliciously sugary Christmas cake. Feeling pretty darn satisfied. I think I'd better sign off and start wrapping some gifts...

Yes, I got him a clearanced Halloween costume for a Christmas gift.
Yes, I was careless and left it right where he could find it.
Yes, he loves it and wants to wear it Christmas morning to my in laws
and has been living in it ever since he stumbled across it.
Yes, I should have wrapped gifts like two weeks ago and not put it off until today.


  1. Love it! (Not that you are sick, but so happy that you've had such a great month of fun family traditions). I took my tree down yesterday (we always take it down before we leave, because it's super depressing to come home on the 30th, tired from a trip & have to face down taking the tree). I was so happy with all of the moments so far. I'm very satisfied with what we accomplished herein December, and looking forward to phase 2 (with the rest of my family).

    Feel better, & enjoy the rest of your year.

    1. Taking the tree down before you leave is brilliant really. I get it. Wish you the best for phase 2! I'm sure you will all have a wonderful time. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. The picture is adorable and who really cares if he gets a few more days of enjoyment from it.

    1. I thought he'd really like it. I hadn't realized how much. He's having such fun being Spider Man (and it's so cute!)

  3. Oh if only my grown kids would be happy with a Spider-man costume for Christmas....lolz
    Love it!

    1. I know, right! I'm definitely enjoying the fun ages, where simple toys and Spider-man costumes are super exciting to him.