Sunday, August 11, 2019

tomato thief

Today was the very first day I've been able to bring tomatoes into the house. Even though our garden is fenced in I have noticed some baby bunnies hanging out in it. They haven't been thieving the tomatoes though. It's Abe that's been going out everyday and eating all the ripe ones directly from the plants.

I'm glad to have brought a few lovely ripe tomatoes inside today but in reality I LOVE that Abe can go out back and eat fruit and vegetables from our garden. It must be a fun special summer childhood treat that hopefully he'll remember when he's grown.


  1. I remember going through my grandfathers back yard when I was a very little girl and picking and eating ripe cherry tomatoes

  2. Those are the kinds of snacks you do not mind him having between meals. All children should have that instead of bags of chips. My youngest learned to eat raw yellow squash at kindergarten. She often would ask for squash at home. I think she had the squash with dip. But, at home she just ate squash. I wonder if Abe would eat raw zucchini if he were presented with it. ??? I am glad he got the tomatoes instead of the bunnies or in my case a huge groundhog that ate huge, ripe tomatoes.

  3. Our boys love going to pick grapes off our new vine - it's such a fun experience to pick things & immediately eat from your yard!