Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back into the Swing of Things

I survived the first week back at work. Hooray! The anticipation of returning was worse than the reality of it. I miss him terribly when I'm gone but I know that he's in good hands with my husband (we basically work different shifts) and that they're enjoying their time together without mommy.

My little piglet

Oddly it wasn't strange going back to work. After three months of being away I felt as though I'd never left; as if no time had lapsed. Even so this year is almost half over. My boy is almost 3 months old. Financially we've been at a stand still with me not working and us focusing solely on the babe. I guess now that things are returning to normal (but with an AWESOME addition to the pot) I'm ready to buckle back down and do this; get back in the game; resume the race; pay off these dang debts! I lost the gusto this year somewhere along the becoming a mom path. Being a mom is as great a reason as any to act responsibly and become debt free.

This week I want to try and find the gusto again. I don't think it's gone too far off.

Happy Mommies Day to all you mom's out there!!!


  1. Too cute! You are such a good mom but I knew you would be!

  2. How cute! That's what happens when you have a baby :) Life will get back to normal, don't worry.