Monday, May 14, 2012

Chasing Squirrels

You know how if you're driving and you don't look at the road you're eventually bound to crash? Or let's say you're running a race but instead of following the track with your competitors you just run after a squirrel you happen to notice wandering by. You're not going to finish any races that way (and you'd look like a lunatic).

Stupid examples but point being when you're keen on spending yourself into a deep dark dingy hole of debt you're not likely to ever get out of the hole if you get distracted and don't focus on the light over head. I suppose it should go without saying but none the less this debt pay off thing is a battle! When I'm not constantly on guard and blocking punches I get knocked back down. I feel like I should just be able to say, "I want to get out of debt" and then I'll do it. But it doesn't work that way for me. I have to watch every penny, which is quite hard work. I need to intensely concentrate on not spending and not buying. I must set financial priorities AND stick to them. Throughout each and every single day I need to be fully aware of my every financial foot step.

Confession: for the whole of this year I've hoped to reduce our debts but I've been chasing squirrels. I won't apologize for the distraction and lack of ANY progress this year because I've been focusing every bit of my energy else where and I'm not ashamed of it. But I'm acknowledging the stand still and ready to get going again.

Throughout this past week while I've been in the stores for work I've noticed myself wanting to buy TONS of random nonsense. This desire is slightly frightening to me because it's one I haven't dealt with for quite sometime. Noticing this sudden want to acquire has caused me to realize how much I've truly lost focus. I haven't been paying close attention to the finances since baby Abe arrived but apparently it's much worse than I thought. My little monster has reared it's ugly head and pulled out the shovel. I'm not about to let it start digging me back down.

I'm setting a few goals for this week:
Blog at least a quick something everyday (helps me stay accountable)
Get the finances in check/ balanced/ budgeted
Stick to the $12 a day budget (it's been quite sometime since that happened)
Pull off two NO SPEND days

Up up and away!


  1. Hey you have had a busy year, give yourself a break. You are still doing so much better than most.

  2. Good luck on all your goals this week. I know you can do it!

  3. I've noticed a lot more squirrel moments myself since I got pregnant -- babies sure are expensive! Great job on not beating yourself up for getting slightly off track -- you'll recover and pay down those debts in no time!

  4. I agree, it is easy to get distracted when we get busy with family concerns and I think after a while I get a bit 'debt fatigued'. I like the expression 'chasing squirrels!" :)
    you can get back on track