Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Numbers are in

Our average daily spending for 2015 is $17.94 a day

With one day to go I am calling this year financially DONE! Woohoo!!!
I did it. I actually met my goal. I'm giving myself $17 to spend tomorrow, which is going to go in the grocery category because that's what I should be spending it on. I will NOT spend more than $17 and I came in under an $18 a day spending average this year. Happy, happy, happy dance!

The average daily spending for food groceries for 2015 is $11.68 a day

Considering that for five years the title of this blog has been "$12 a day," I love that the food spending/ groceries for the year is nicely under the $12 a day mark.

Average daily spending for December is $14.93 a day

December averages and Spending categories:
Groceries $258.49: avg/ $8.34 a day
Food out $16.44: avg/ 53 cents a day
Pets $2.50: avg/ 8 cents a day
Stuff $4.76: avg/ 15 cents a day
Toiletries $15.50: avg/ 50 cents a day
Christmas $165.06: avg/ $5.33 a day

December 2015 Total: $462.74
Groceries $17    12.31
Groceries $9.99    12.30
Christmas clearance items $6.35    12.30
NO SPEND day 103    12.29
NO SPEND day 102    12.28
NO SPEND day 101    12.27
NO SPEND day 100    12.26
NO SPEND day 99    12.25
Groceries $3.24    12.24
Groceries $22.59    12.23
Christmas $9.99    12.23
NO SPEND day 98    12.22
Christmas $4.98    12.21
Starbucks $6.04    12.21
Groceries $14.21    12.21
DVD's to back up photos $4.76    12.20
Groceries $32.94    12.19
Christmas $33.21    12.19
NO SPEND day 97    12.18
Groceries $17.37    12.17
Dog treats $2.50    12.17
Christmas $23.22    12.17
NO SPEND day 96    12.16
Groceries $20.45    12.15
NO SPEND day 95    12.14
Groceries $40.82    12.13
Arby's $7.40    12.12
Groceries $3.59    12.11
Christmas $37.12    12.10
Christmas $22.50    12.9
Groceries $6.82    12.9
Groceries $6.74    12.8
NO SPEND day 94    12.7
Christmas card materials $14.07    12.6
Groceries $37.73    12.5
Christmas $13.62    12.5
NO SPEND day 93    12.4
Toiletries $15.50    12.3
Groceries $25    12.3
Coffee $3    12.3
NO SPEND day 92    12.2
NO SPEND day 91    12.1


  1. Replies
    1. Thank-you! I'm so happy that I made my goal.

  2. I wish had the will-power to track that way. It would drive me insane. However, I love reading about yours! Excellent job!

    1. Honestly as long as I write it down every night (I just keep track on the blog in the purchases tab) then its really easy and pretty quick. It takes probably an hour to add the stuff out and figure out averages at the end of the month. So all in all it doesn't take very much time at all. The only thing is if I fall behind on tallying then I get into trouble and risk losing track.

  3. I knew you would do it! Remember the end of November when you had doubts? Never question a determined soul. this is fantastic, and on top of this, you created the a very special holiday season for your immediate and extended family. Well done.

    1. I really had doubts. I really thought a few times there that I wasn't going to pull it off. I'm AMAZED at how low I was able to keep spending for December.

  4. Yay!!! Great job! And groceries have increased quite a bit in 5 years.

    1. Originally I wanted to spend $12 a day on ALL spending so I'm way off mark in that regard. In 2011 when I started the average daily spending for that year was $13.70. (I'm up over $4 a day since then) But we also didn't have little Abe back then. I'm pretty happy with keeping groceries right under the $12 a day mark this year.

  5. YOU DID IT!!!! I knew you would but isn't it wonderful to set a goal and actually achieve it??? I know how hard it was but you did it and there is no going back now :) So, what is next for your financial future?

    1. Oh my goodness it's so wonderful. I feel like I always come in just over where I aim for. This is a sweet victory.

  6. What can I say? Many congratulations. I hope you spend the rest of the year (and quite a bot of 2016) with a smile on your face!

  7. Fantastic! You continue to inspire me even though I fall short!

    1. Oh my goodness thank-you. I cannot even begin to tell you how often I fall short. I try to just keep on chugging. This one's a sweet victory.