Sunday, December 13, 2015

Forty Five Minutes of Christmas, Week Two

Sunday 12/6
Little Abe and I made this year's Christmas cards. Now I just need to write, address, and mail them all.

Monday 12/7
Created a photo calendar for my Dad with all the family birthdays. These darn things take forever to make!

Tuesday 12/8
Wrote and mailed out Christmas cards.

Wednesday 12/9
Worked on my nephew's rag doll more.

Thursday 12/10
At least 45 minutes writing Christmas cards.
Finished sewing the little rag doll for my nephew.
I think it needs ears though.

Friday 12/11
Worked on my nieces quilt. This could be the end of me. I'm making a very small quilt, like baby doll quilt, and it's taking forever!

Saturday 12/12
Went to a fun Bethlehem village event at my brother's church. There were live animals, people dressed in costumes, fun food, and all kind of neat crafts for the little ones. I think my guy had lots of fun but he is really not a fan of coloring and most of the crafts involved coloring so he kept leaving the craft tables with naked trinkets.

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