Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It's looking like I'm going to have a five day NO SPEND run. I'd planned to not spend any money on Christmas day or the day after but I was sure I'd run to the store on Sunday. There were a few things that I wanted to get for the Sunday family gathering but I opted not to make a trip to the store beforehand and improvised instead.

On Monday I was going to run out but the ice storm came in before I went out and so, nope. I stayed put. Today I thought I'd go out as well but our car is pretty much stuck in the driveway and I'm perfectly fine with it staying right where it is for now (until my husband has to go to work tonight). Taking two days vacation yesterday and today turned out to be very smart. I would not want to be driving all over in this stuff.

This morning we walked to a small diner for breakfast. We received a gift certificate to the diner from my husband's grandma (I do not like this particular diner but a free breakfast out with the family is a free breakfast out with the family, I can't complain).

Five no spends in a row has brought the average daily spending down to a nice place. With only two days left in the year I'm getting really antsy to call it. Oh I'm SOOOO close to meeting my goal for the year of coming in under an $18 a day average spending. SO close!!!

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.95


  1. AND YOU CAN DO IT! You've had a really good target this year - achievable but not easy. Wish I could set targets like that and then go on to achieve them.

    1. I've got this! I'm done spending for today (and even was a little frivolous) and there is no reason I should need to spend more than $17 tomorrow. I am shooting for $15.

      And you know you can set targets and hit them. You do in many ways!

  2. This is where you knuckle down and really decide if you must have whatever purchase you are about to make, or is there a substitute. I'm going the no goal route myself but instead, hoping to just discipline myself to really think before I buy, eat, or do something to determine if it is good for my physical, mental, or home health. Reaching that goal for you would be a terrific boost going into 2016

    1. These past two months have been rough but I dug my heals in a had much more resolve than is normal for me. I think going into 2016 I am starting on a really good note.

      I like your plan too. Without goals though, you need some sort of constant reminder about your plan, well at least I would. I know with me, I'd do great for a few weeks or a few days and then I'd realize that a month or two or three had gone by and I forgot that I was trying to focus and achieve this special balance. Blah, there goes three months. That would be me for sure.

      Although, you do have the blog :) That is a GREAT way to stay on track. So I think 2016 will be a good year for you and your unwritten but still as meaningful goals.