Friday, January 29, 2016

More Clothes

I've gone and purchased even more clothing. Yesterday I picked up some much needed lounge/ active wear pants for myself. I also bought another sweatshirt for little Abe that he will most likely fit into next winter. I feel like I've spent a ton of money on clothes this month but I'm liking where the numbers are at.

In total I've purchased:
two pair of pants for me
A winter coat, two sweatshirts (one is more of a jacket), and three long sleeve shirts that will fit little Abe next year.
I bought him a pair of shoes that apparently run very small because they fit him now (he thinks they're super cool and loves a new pair of shoes).
And his dad bought a pair of lined camo pants and three long sleeve Star Wars shirts that all fit him now.

Total retail value of clothing bought this month $241.65

Total out of pocket spent: $56.29

Total saved: $185.36

That's a 77% savings on all of the clothing/ shoes purchased this month. I'm pretty darn happy with that and I've gotten a good jump on little Abe's wardrobe for next winter.

Average daily spending for 2016: $20.79


  1. Enjoy those new clothes - and I'm enjoying seeing that average daily spend coming down. Financial wizardry!

    1. I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying the new pants. The two pair I've been surviving in had gotten very tattered and when I spilt hot wax on one of those two pair I knew I was bound to be purchasing another sooner than later. It feels grand to have new, not tattered and worn lounging pants :)

      I'm happy it's coming down too! As we're set on dog food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and clothes (hehe) for awhile. It should start coming down rather quickly now.