Sunday, January 10, 2016

Out of Everything

COLD... sooo.... cold! I feel like I can't get warm. Maybe I should exercise...

Changing subjects, when opening our fridge today it seems like we are out of everything. But I also felt like we were out of everything right before the five no spend day stretch at the end of December. Okay, granted that five day stretch included four Christmas parties which all involved food but we had to bring something to most of those and I hadn't planned very well so my point still stands.

Right now we need milk, are almost out of juice (a staple here), have a few shreds of cheese left, only one pound of ground turkey; It feels like we are out of everything and I'm having this tremendous urge to run to the store in this blizzard on my day off to purchase necessities. No! Today is going to be a no spend day!

I have $27.63 budgeted to spend on food groceries for today thru Wednesday (plus a small bag of 10 cent deposit cans). I do NOT need to run to the store on my day off in a blizzard. It feels like we are out of everything but I got this! Tomorrow I'll need to get milk and juice and a few others things. I'm not going to kill the budget (cash for this week) because I want this that or another thing. I shall now take inventory of the kitchen...

Meals in the house right now:
A few servings of White Chicken Chili (it turned out GREAT! I already made a second batch)
One Jacks Pizza
Tuna, peas, Parmesan and noodles (that's our quick go to meal)
One serving of rice dinner (one of Abe's favorite meals)
Fixins for Tacos (if I can hoard the little bit of cheese; we can't eat tacos without cheese)
TONS of chicken stock so I could probably make a veggie soup or a veggie soup with dumplings (I love dumplings)

Wow, I guess we aren't out of everything. There are also five apples that need desperately to be used. I think I'm going to make applesauce with them today.

Average daily spending for 2016: $19.37


  1. lol. Glad you are able to wing it and not have to go out today. Your meals sound so good! :)

    1. Kind of surprised myself there too. Haha!

  2. That's it - just keep out of the shops! It's the best way not to spend. I went out on Friday with the intention of buying three things and came home with five. Grrr. I could have managed without any of them for the moment (even the three things I went for) but I was desperate to get out after a spell of very wet weather. Very GRRRRR!!!!!

    1. I did that same thing on Friday. I had planned for a no spend then as well, but before leaving work I thought, "darn, I need butter. Of course I left the store with butter, hot cocoa mix (which I generally do not buy), and beans and salsa so I could make another batch of chili. Ha, butter!

      So far so good with hunkering down today though :)

  3. It's something about a blizzard that makes our primal instinct think we need to run right to the store any buy everything. I've found myself doing that many times.

    1. That is very true! I like the way you put it too. Its very much a primal instinct. "Oh no! Catastrophic weather. I need to have my dwelling place in order and food stores to last through the winter!"