Friday, January 22, 2016

Warm Winter Wonderful

The deep freeze broke for most of the afternoon (the temp got over 20F). The sun came out and one was able to venture outdoors for more than five minutes without frozen nostrils.

We took full advantage of the warmth and spent a whole hour out of doors, building a snow fort in the front yard, taking the dog for a walk around the block, and little Abe's walk around the block classifies as a hike since he took to the portion of land between the road and the sidewalk that's covered in massive mounds of snow. It was WONDERFUL!

Hooray for sunshine in the midst of a very chilly winter!
Hooray for rosy cheeks!
Hooray for quality time with the pup!
Hooray for fresh air!

And the blizzard that's supposed to come in tonight is nothing. I stocked up on groceries today and don't have to work tomorrow. I am happy.


  1. What a wonderful day you had!!! I am so jealous!!! You won't BELIEVE this - the first rain we get we finally have the inside of the house leak-free after the remodel and now it flooded the back of the garage - ARGH!!!!!

    1. Was it a lot of rain? I'm so happy to hear that you finally got some. Sounds like the whole country is getting some sort of precipitation right now.

      The ground doesn't know how to accept moisture when it's been dry for so long though. I hope nothing is ruined. I feel like you need to get out those big garage sweepers and you two need to sing "singing in the rain" while you gleefully sweep out the water. But if stuff got ruined then it wouldn't be as light hearted.

  2. Those little sweet pink cheeks. Love them. :-) We also got a lot of rain over the past week, which we desperately need.