Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little Glimmer of Hope

I generally budget 6 months out. So until yesterday I hadn't anything penned out past June. The past few months have been tight and on top of it, as I've mentioned I've been rather undisciplined. I totally strayed from the budget. Between exhaustion, that painful back injury, quickly draining the emergency fund (that I was so excited to finally have), and my husband's lack of interest in getting out of debt I threw a temper tantrum and said, "who needs to be disciplined anyway?!?!"

I would NOT recommend temper tantrums (inwardly or otherwise) as a way to deal with frustration. The results were scary. I used the overdraft alot, something I was terribly ashamed of. I used credit cards a bit, something I thought I never do again. And I started to feel that, trapped in a deep dark pit feeling again, something I've not felt for a long time.

With my financial forecast ending in June it seemed as though we were no longer making enough money to pay the bills. Yesterday I worked the budget out through October. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that temper tantrum behind me and discipline back in place n five months I should be able to pay off a credit card and replenish the emergency fund.

Lesson learned: pit stops are okay but dropping out of the game sure causes alot of avoidable headaches.

Today's lovely: Fresh baked from scratch apple pie.

You can click on my photo for the recipe link.


  1. Its always feels better to have a plan. Your apple pie looks delicious

  2. Glad you are back on the wagon. Don't give up! We are rooting for you!
    The pie looks amazing too. Care to share the recipe?

    1. It was seriously so yummy! Just click on the photo. I linked the recipe I followed if you click on the photo.

  3. Yay for looking at the situation and working out a new plan!

  4. Kuddos for being honest and sharing with us your "pit stops". It is hard to always be on what I call "a financial diet". It is so tempting sometimes to just have a bite of that chocolate cake. By sharing your story with us, It makes ME feel better in the sense that we are all humans and we all make mistakes. I am in the same boat as you. Don't give up. YOU can do this! :-)