Friday, May 31, 2013

What's the Point of a NO SPEND Day Anyway?

After all if I don't buy the milk, and the eggs, and the cocoa powder today I'll just buy it tomorrow. What did I accomplish by putting off the purchase just one day?

I'd like to think that NO SPEND days are very healthy like exercise. For financial weaklings like me successfully accomplishing challenges like a NO SPEND help significantly strengthen my financial muscles. Even if you'll just purchase the milk, eggs, and cocoa powder tomorrow you still had to have a plan in place that allowed you to have all your necessities for today. And every single NO SPEND day guards you from impulse buys. You weren't able to plop that candy bar on the belt today if you didn't spend a penny now were you?

NO SPEND days:
Help teach the unorganized shopper to plan
Guard against impulse buys
Offer little financial goals during the long arduous process of paying off debt
Encourage frugality
Definitely help save money
If you try for a few NO SPENDs I think you'd be surprised at the little things you end up not buying.

All that being said I'm going to shoot for an every other day NO SPEND challenge in June. My goal really will be 10 days total because I'm wise enough to know there will be pit falls. But 10 days would be great!


  1. Cheering for your from the sidelines.

    I need a few no spend days myself :)

  2. I go back and forth with trying to achieve No Spend Days but I definitely spend less when I'm doing them.

  3. I was hooked already by the end of the title of this post! :)
    I believe in the long run, no spend days save us A LOT of money. And it definitely IS like exercise. The more you practice, the better you get.
    Considering to maybe join in for the 10 no spends in June :)

  4. I think No Spend days are great for those who struggle with frugality & financial discipline. One has to be careful about binging though. Like a person who is on such a strict diet that they totally blow it and "binge-eat". I can see how this could happen with spending as well.

    Instead of putting this concept in the negative- "No" Spend Day, I prefer it in the positive- "Spending" Day. I like looking forward to my spending day, helps me not to feel so deprived...positive psychology ;o)

  5. I'm joining the challenge. Making it a bit easier to really buy loads in 2 weeks, when my favourite grocerystore closes. they sell everything left for half price. wich is wonderful to stock up on things I use a lot(like flower, eggs, pasta and rice)