Saturday, May 25, 2013

What Snuck Into Your Cart?

A small girl and her mother walk past the deodorant display in the front of the health and beauty department. The child spots the display and enthusiastically points at a two pack of deodorant,"OOOOOH, Mom let's get him that!!!" You might have thought she just happened upon a pot of gold, or the one item on top of his wish list, or maybe the one thing that could complete his collection. I couldn't help but smile at the excitement in her little body as she pointed to the deodorant. Her mom quickly walked past the amazing find and laughed out loud at the brilliant suggestion. I too couldn't help but chuckle when I heard her mother say, "he doesn't need men's deodorant honey. He's only five."

The funniest thing is how often we all do just what that small child did. Items are strategically placed all over the store so that we'll pick up things we don't need. The candy at the check outs for example. I feel like I've been falling prey to this more often as of late and I'd really like to start being very conscious of the situation again. I can't even imagine how much money I've wasted over my lifetime because of impulse buys. Oh, and how much junk I've had to clear out of my home as well. I think the number one defense in this battle is writing out a shopping list and getting STRICTLY what's on the list. That tempting two pack of deodorant won't be able to grab hold of you if it's not on your list and you stick to your guns.

Planning and following the plan seems to be the best way to avoid many, many problems in life.


  1. Such a cute story about the deodorant :)
    You know what almost gets me, the biscotti at coffee places. You're standing there staring at the cookie jar while they process your order, and you think, hmm, a biscotti would be so nice with the coffee. (So far, I've resisted, though. I think, I could buy a pack of flour for the price of 1 little cookie. Not that we should never buy cookies, but you know what I mean.)

  2. Impulse buying definitely does a budget in!