Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cheap Mom Here

Anything in this picture look familiar? 

Yes that is the bunny I put in his Easter basket last year and it's the same basket (the same one that I grew up with). I used the bunny as filler. My husband scolded me a little bit but I think I argued my case well enough. The kid has more stuffed animals then he knows what to do with already and he really likes that bunny. I figured he'd be happy to see it sitting in his basket (and come on he's 2/ I don't think he judged me).

I spent just under $15 on Easter fun for him. The basket consisted of an 88 cent "chalky bunny." That's how he says chocolate. He's been asking for a chalky bunny for a few weeks. Also in the basket: 99 cent sidewalk chalk, a 50 cent easter reese's egg, and a book (on sale for $5). He had his first ever egg hunt while at church that morning, an egg hunt in our livingroom when he woke up from his nap, and a fun lunch at his Grandpa's house. He got to spend time with his Aunt (who he adores) and his Grandma. It was such a great day and I spent hardly any money on it.

Actually funny story: My husband said that we needed to hide the basket so I stuck it behind the curtains. He found all the eggs scattered around our living room (two had hot wheels in them and the rest had some M&M's and goldfish crackers) and he noticed the basket behind the curtain last of all. The little guy ran over to the curtain and picked up the basket from underneath. Everything went flying so that he never actually saw his basket with its contents intact (like in the photo here). I don't even know if he realized the "re-gifted" bunny had been in it. He just picked through the pile of fun all over the floor from his find.

It's the little things that make life great, time with friends and family, fun traditions and new adventures!


  1. To me, the title should read, "fantastic mom here". Hugs.

  2. I don't even put stuffed toys in our baskets :) I agree with you, we have way too many. this year bunny brought two $5 DVDs, a pair of socks per each boy, $ store bubbles and bunny pez that I got using my ups rewards :)