Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jeffrey is Here

We got the zippy little blue car yesterday. It's totally for real, totally ours, and we think it might be named Jeffrey. After the hours long ordeal of getting it checked out, signing on the loan, running to the bank for cash (a lot of cash, I feel like I just handed over my life savings to the former owners), getting to the Secretary of State in just enough time to totally anger the lady behind the desk but still get the title and plates taken care of, our three person little family went for a joy ride. It was only for about 15 minutes; I had to go to work still. I'm afraid that little Abe thought we were buying the car specifically for him. He, like most little guys do, really likes cars so I've been telling him for a few days that we were going to be getting a new one. He spent almost the entire 15 minute joy ride in the back seat almost crying saying over and over again, "ME, drive Jep-ffrey." We know he was asking to drive the car and that he was incredibly angered that my husband was at the wheel instead of him but we cannot figure out the "Jep-ffrey" part. Still, no clue. So, at least to me little blue car will forever be Jeffrey (or Jep-ffrey... that is more fun).

I didn't really hand over my life savings to the former owners but I did basically give them all of next months bill money. Now to figure out how to pay the bills for May. Hooray!!!

Photo of Jeffery coming in the morning.


  1. "I'm afraid that little Abe thought we were buying the car specifically for him." :) Awwww! :) I can just imagine it :)

    1. The other car and van he refers to as "daddy's car" or "daddy's van." I have not heard him call the new car that once. I keep telling him that he doesn't get to drive until he's 16 but he has no idea what that means and I'm afraid the blue car is honestly his in his mind. He's such a goof!