Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Numbers Are In

The below list is a simple summary of all our cash outflow for March minus my husband's spending (which includes his lunches and any spending strictly for himself; ie going to lunch with a friend, picking up beer for band practice (which he did not do this month), ect).

Home expenses $1071.66
Vehicle expenses $724.66
Utilities $358.33
Credit card payments $514.89
All spending $527.25

Each of these categories has several things inside of them. For example home expenses includes the mortgage payment (and escrow), and equity line. Vehicle expenses includes the car payment, gasoline, and car insurance. We almost spent less money this month than what was paid towards credit cards. Three months in a row I "almost" spent less than paid towards credit cards. I don't think April is going to be the magic month that will tip the scales though... ah, who knows.

April is for sure going to be a tough one. My husband's birthday is this month. We have not taken care of the dead vehicle situation yet. We have to renew the plates on the car this month (I'm always amazed at how much that costs). The water and trash payments are due this month. Those two are billed every three months. Yay for April right... At least it's looking like spring is finally here. My son and I have been spending LOTS of time in the yard the past few days and I'm feeling like a new woman. The fresh air and warmth and yard work (which, don't tell anyone, I LOVE doing) has me feeling happier than I remember ever being. This winter was brutal!
Average daily spending for March: $17.01

I'm sort of kicking myself. I was SO close to being under $17 a day this month. BUT I'm still happy I did not average $20 a day like February. And my daily average for the year went down a little bit too.

Average daily spending for 2014: $17.56

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  1. :) 17.01 is just two cents from under 17 dollars a day. You did GREAT! :)