Monday, April 7, 2014

Little of This and a Little of That

Abe and I have been doing lots of yard work since the weather has turned around. Today we found tiny little white flowers. He seemed pretty impressed with our majestic find. I LOVE watching him learn and discover new things about this world. Hooray for SPRING!!!!
In other news I am trying with all my might (going on a few weeks now) to eat responsibly and spend responsibly. This may sound like an easy task to some of you but I still have to put so much energy into each of these accomplishments singularly that I'm awful at doing both together. I am a snacker, a sugar addict, and a wife who sees too little of her husband and finds immense comfort in a giant bowl of homemade mac'n'cheese or an enormous slice of chocolate cake (I could continue with a VERY long list at this point but I will refrain). I've always been able to spend responsibly OR eat responsibly but the weight of them together crushes me. I know, I'm a weakling. I'll be the first to admit it.

I'm happy to report that I'm doing pretty well at both these tasks but I've not been in the best of moods these past few weeks. I think that's why I've been seemingly absent from blogging. I hate blogging when I'm living under a little black rain cloud. The only respite I've found these past few weeks has been in getting outside and doing yard work with my boy. He's learning which bird is which, plane watching, kicking around a basketball and a dog toy, he's chased the dogs some, helped me rake and pick up randomness, and found so many little treasures (the above flowers today, squirrel treasures, bird feathers, cool sticks, ect;). This winter was BEAUTIFUL but I'm so so so so SOOOO happy that it is finally gone. I need sunshine and fresh air even if it's still a bit chilly here and there.

That's about it with me and mine. No new vehicle yet. Dead van still in the driveway. I'm not any more ready to tackle that challenge then I was last time I checked in and so: one step at a time. Today is yard work, spend time with Abe, clean up around the house, eat healthy, and go to work. Tomorrow will be what it is tomorrow.


  1. I think, what helps me to stay on track (both in spending and eating healthier) are little indulgences. I'm a chocolate addict, and I need my sugar fix every day, so I allow myself two squares of dark chocolate or lyndt candy ball (my true addiction) but then do everything in my power to kick myself out of the kitchen. Sometimes it even works :)

  2. Beautiful spring in your yard :) Yay for yard work!

  3. Thanks for another great post!

    You sound like you are bringing up your boy wonderfully and experiencing new discoveries and noticing the little things yourself! Dark clouds are all just part of the weather cycle :)

  4. I'm with you on the eating. When DH traveled about 1/2 time, I used to make myself popcorn (homemade, with melted butter) after the kids went to sleep. It was my relaxation after a very long day. I've gotten much better - mostly because, as I approach 40, I can't detract even slightly from the diet without gaining weight! My metabolism has slowed down drastically over the past few months.