Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Tree

No we didn't put up the Christmas tree yet. But our Thanksgiving tree craft is finished. It saddens me to think of taking it down now. It was really a lot of fun and I love the way it looks too.

This year we (and that mostly means little Abe) decided that we are thankful for the following:

Along with nine leaves with names of family members,
two leaves with names of friends,
one bunch of leaves with our pet's names,
we're thankful for God,
toy cars,
giants (I told him this was not relevant but he insisted),
Peppie and Bay (the real ponies that he rides),
our home,
our jobs (this was added by me),
Mike, his horse, and castle (his favorite toys right now),
Caillou (his all time favorite television show),
our country (also added by me),
shoveling snow (he loves shoveling snow),
garbage trucks (he also loves watching the garbage trucks on garbage day),
drums and guitars.

This is really going to be a fun tradition and we are very thankful.


  1. Very cool.
    I wish I had done this/thought of this when my kids were little.

    1. I just love how it turned out and how fun it was. I'm excited about looking back at each year's tree and seeing what "we" were thankful for that year. Like, giants. He is obsessed with giants right now. I can't imagine that will last his entire life, hehe

    2. :) Like "giants", or a sports team? Awwww! Giants!

    3. Actual giants. His favorite Bible story for quite a long time now has been David and Goliath and just recently he's become very obsessed with giants. Like, when he draws a picture it's often a giant and believe it or not giants make fairly regular appearances in Disney shows. He always wants to rewatch those episodes that have giants in them. His favorite right now is a very old one with Mickey Mouse who's a tailor and ends up sewing the giants hand into it's sleeves and wrapping it with thread and then the giant crashes to the ground and Mickey is the town hero. He cannot get enough of that little cartoon. With his toys very often someone is vanquishing or befriending a giant or a dragon. Abner is literally thankful for giants right now (or the entertainment factor he finds in them anyhow).