Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Prizes Six and Seven

The 1000th post giveaway that wrapped up in April included artwork from my little guy and a dollar store pick by him.

The winner of the giveaway, Cindy, has recently e-mailed me a photo of prizes six and seven displayed on her refrigerator.

At the dollar store he chose a fiber optic butterfly with a suction cup on it. I can't believe the things they have at the dollar store (it's a real genuine, everything in the store is $1, dollar store). It was such a pretty butterfly.

For anyone who may have still been wondering, there you go :)


  1. As a former preschool teacher, kudos for you mom for letting him truly make art, and not a grown up directed craft. It is lovely and the winner is lucky to be able to display her original Abe-priceless.

    1. Thank-you very much. I have my moments. We do mommy directed crafts on occasion but even then I try my hardest to let him use his imagination. One thing I cheat on though is letting him pick one color at a time to paint with so that all his paintings don't turn out a big brown blog but so far he hasn't caught on to my doing that.