Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June spending update already

My spending budget this month is $532.80

After today I better start keeping close tabs on how much I have left to spend for the month. I've purchased some summer clothing for the little guy. We've not had to buy much clothing for him as we've had good friends who've given us tons of hand me downs but after going through his wardrobe I found he was in need of some shorts and I picked up a few tank tops (my kid can sweat) and a few t-shirts in bigger sizes than what we've currently got.

I also made the dreaded dog food purchase today. We buy good food for our dogs, not the budget stuff so it's costly. At least my dog will be happy. I picked up some groceries (that I'm rather excited about since we'll be attempting homemade pizza tonight) and somehow an organic basil plant managed to jump into my cart, scan itself at the u-scan and come home with me. What a rascal!

In all seriousness though I really want to have very focused spending this month and the basil plant was a silly purchase (I will be putting fresh basil on the pizza tonight). Last month was great but my spending follows a very up and down pattern from month to month so I'm hoping to reign in that swing a little and have a lesser up this month.

The goal still stands: $17.76 a day spending this month.
That's $532.80 for the month.
Only three days in I'm at $133.76.

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.29
Left to spend this month $399.04

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