Sunday, June 28, 2015


Ugh, I've had it with big life changing, life altering, fix my entire universe goals. Just kidding. But truly I make all these goals in my head, or write a bunch down on paper, and I get my hopes up that life is going to finally fall into place. Haha! Life is never going to "fall into place." I'm a dreamer, unashamedly, so there are always five billion little steps that could be taken to get me down one of twenty different paths I'd love to frolic down. As if there's really a ton of opportunities to frolic through life! What in the world am I thinking?

Now I'm not talking about wash the dishes, take some clothes to Goodwill goals either. I'm really talking about living the healthiest life I can, being the best wife and mom possible, and maybe actually following my dreams (again, way more than one person should own) type goals.

So today, and maybe only today because I'm like a dog who chases a squirrel until it sees a different one to chase I've decided to come up with a list of categories and assign ONE goal to each category. Once the goal is accomplished then that category is allowed a second goal. Why do I blog about these things, really just to maintain my sanity. Thank-you

- Sweet treats must be made at home
With a once a month exception I really want to bake and or make desserts, candy, sweets with organic flour, organic sugar, ect on my own without purchasing pre-made. Ideally this will limit my sugar intake and make our treats a million times healthier. It might be too big of a goal but I'd like to have a go at if for a month at least. I'd love for this to be a permanent thing though. Here goes.

Living a more simple (which does not mean easy), sustainable lifestyle
-Make or get some sort of compost bin
I've been wanting a compost bin for the longest time. Grinding up food scraps with coffee grounds and dumping them outside works but I need more space if I want to actually produce enough real compost for my expanding garden. I NEED a bin!

My son
- We need to get rid of the pacifier or at least get it to night time falling asleep only.
This particular category actually makes me feel really good. Even though I can think of about one hundred goals concerning him we already spend a great deal of time outdoors. We read together a lot. I'm working on less TV time. He's learning basic kiddo knowledge really fast, colors, numbers, counting and so forth. He's been potty trained for 1.5 years and is now sleeping in undies too. He eats great. We're trying harder to be brave (working on social interaction). He makes me so happy but he does love his pacifier for falling asleep and calming himself down when he's sad or has gotten hurt. It's "supposed to" be gone by three so I do need to buckle down on this one.

My husband
- Spend time with him.
We honestly spend no time together. This includes family time too, like going for walks or whatever. My husband is always very tired, and as is life we're so busy but we NEED to spend time together and as a family. This has to be a priority and this is an important goal for me to work on.

- Balance the budget. Period.
I'd like to go into detail on this one but I'm just going to leave it there.

- Make/ find quite time. Me time. Everyday for at least 10 minutes.

Our home (clean up, fix up, blah blah)
- Paint the chips in the stucco again. DONE
- Create a tiny minimalist quite space for myself.
I haven't come to terms with "getting rid of everything" for tranquility and peace. There's just too much stuff that might be useful. But I would like to pick a spot and make a really quaint minimalist space for myself somewhere in my home. I have a great spot in mind but it's currently covered in storage-y stuffs. Haha, going to make a minimalist spot out of a spot FILLED with storage. Sounds great!

Getting outside my bubble
- Get together with TWO people I haven't seen in awhile.
Easy right? Haha, no. This one will take effort but it's a good goal.

All the dreams
- Make a dream board and talk "dreaming" with my hubby.
Since there are so many of them I might as well start simple and just really lay out in front of me what my dreams are.


  1. I really admire the way you pick yourself up and get started again so many times.

    1. Thank-you friend. I guess that's life though, right?

  2. What an incredible list - they are challenging, but attainable - the perfect type of goal!! I have no doubt you will achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to!!!

    Don't stress about the pacifier - when Zack was 4 he still refused to give his up at home and when I talked to the doctor his advice was....and I quote....."let it go, I promise you he won't be leaving for college with it" :) They said the same thing when Stephanie refused to eat anything but spaghettios for 3 months!!!

    Honestly, I think the most important one, and the one that might be the hardest is to find 10 minutes just for yourself every day - even if you just go outside and take pictures, draw, read, or just sit in front of a mindless tv show you like - do take that time for yourself every day - it will rejuvenate you!!!

    1. Thank-you SO much for the pacifier comment. It does help to hear from other people "let it go..." It means so much to him and people are like "just take it away." Honestly I know that would be traumatic and maybe for only a little while but he would lose trust in me, I know he would. I sucked my thumb with a homemade popple pillow until I was at least 8 so there's a big possibility that he gets the pacifier need from his momma. He won't have it until he's 8, that's for sure, but I'm also not just going to "have the paci fairy take it away" or "trade the paci for a treat." I can't.