Monday, November 30, 2015

November Numbers are in

Our average daily spending for 2015 is $18.23 a day

October was NOT a good spending month.
November was better but still not good. Right now, the past is in the past so I'm not going to dwell on it, make excuses or complain. I'd like the average daily spending to be lower then what it is right now but all is not lost. I've put in a lot of hard work this year. The average isn't as low as I'd like it BUT it could be SOOOOO much worse. And there's a whole month left in the year.

I've reworked the numbers a little on the spending chart I made for the rest of the year. As it stands I only have money left for spending in three categories and reasonably I shouldn't need to spend outside of those three categories. I don't have much left for groceries though and there's only a $46 cushion outside of the figures on this chart if I want to come in under $18 a day (at $17.98 a day avg.).

Average daily spending for November is $18.89 a day

November averages and Spending categories:
Groceries $400.46 avg/ $13.35 a day
Food out $4.84 avg/ 16 cents a day
Pets $74.74 avg/ $2.49 a day
Stuff $28.62 avg/ 95 cents a day
Toiletries $17.16 avg/ 57 cents a day
Clothing $11.50 avg/ 38 cents a day
Gifts $11.44 avg/ 38 cents a day
Cleaning $17.96 avg/ 60 cents a day
Christmas $4.84 avg/ 16 cents a day

The average daily spending for food groceries is exactly $12 a day for the year (well it's actually $11.99792) My average spending so far in 2015 on food groceries is $12 a day.


November 2015 Total: $566.56
Groceries $18.01    11.30
Laundry det. $3.99    11.30
Dish soap $3.99    11.30
Shampoo $7.35    11.30
Dish rack $7.98    11.30
Groceries $3.79    11.29
NO SPEND day 90    11.28
Groceries $10.69    11.27
NO SPEND day 89    11.26
Stuff $5.92    11.25
Groceries $70.34    11.25
Groceries $5.97    11.24
Groceries $8.48    11.23
Christmas marshmallows $3.78
NO SPEND day 88    11.22
NO SPEND day 87    11.21
Soap $1.94    11.20
Clothes for Abe $11.50    11.20
Groceries $50.09    11.20
Dog food $26.00    11.19
Wrapping paper $1.06    11.19
Toy $4.48    11.19
Groceries $6.12    11.19
Shampoo $3.99    11.18
Toy $4.48    11.18
Groceries $10.16    11.18
Hair ties 42 cents    11.18
Groceries $15.07    11.17
NO SPEND day 86    11.16
NO SPEND day 85    11.15
NO SPEND day 84    11.14
Groceries $78.87    11.13
Cat food $3.20    11.12
Bins $5.34    11.12
Groceries $12.67    11.12
Lunch $2.95    11.12
Pop $1.89    11.11
Groceries $14.03    10.10
Toothpaste $1.89    10.9
Groceries $30.52    10.9
NO SPEND day 83    11.8
Baby shower gift $11.44    11.7
Groceries $9.92    11.6
Groceries $30.68    11.4
Wipes $1.99    11.4
Laundry detergent $3.99    11.4
Swimming reward $14.30    11.4
NO SPEND day 82    11.3
NO SPEND day 81    11.2
Laundry detergent $5.99    11.1
Groceries $25.05    11.1
Dog food and tartar stuff $45.54    11.1


  1. I'm rooting you on! I think you can do it with a good night with a pen, paper, and a lot of planning. What you have accomplished is remarkable. Now is time for pulling out the creative cooking-trying new combinations, using up the pantry, and going through toiletries and making sure nothing goes to waste. I have a good mind to join you on the groceries and toiletries and see if I can challenge myself and family to meeting your remaining balance. With having two extra adults in the house for a full week, and one extra for an additional three (long story on DD#1) in December, probably impossible, but I'll be following your ideas and replicating efforts where possible.

    1. Thank-you Sam. This comment offers so much moral support I don't even know how to explain what it means to me. I truly feel stronger after having read this. Thank-you for tooting me on. Thank-you for thinking of joining in the challenge. Thank-you friend!

  2. it is good to see someone thinking about, trying to do better, and generally planning on how to spend less, especially on food. Have you ever tried any of slugmama's ways of reducing food costs?

    1. I use a few of her ways, haha, "Slugmama's ways." My husband is a VERY picky eater too though, so that puts me in a bit of a box when it comes to food. Still I can do better!