Saturday, November 21, 2015

Snowy Saturday

In truth I was rather mopey today but I tried my best to seize the day, to not let the mope get the best of me. One bright note was these sad truffles. I've been wanting, been meaning, been planning to make some sort of chocolate truffle for ages. Today was the day. These rum truffles (<the recipe is here) turned out fabulously delicious but they needed a little more chocolate chips in them as they didn't set up right. I halved the recipe to make just a few and the lack of chocolate was my fault due to poor halving. Either way, yum and FINALLY I tackled a task I'd been dreaming of.

The second bright note was all the beautiful snow. I REALLY didn't want to leave the house but little Abe insisted and we had a really fun time. We made a very jolly snowman named Peany. Little Abe made several snow angels. We threw snowballs at each other during a game of chase. And my obviously very "only child" found that throwing snow in his own face was not only superbly delicious but great fun. I can't say I've ever seen a kid throw snow at their own face before (for like 20 minutes at that). He thought it was hilarious (it kind of was) and to him it was a creative way to eat lots of snow.

Yes, him throwing snow at himself captured on camera. Ha!

And lastly: a literal bright note, a beautiful card in the mail. A card hand crafted by a dear friend. A card that traveled over an ocean. You know when you open the mail box and see a different envelope, one that's shaped like something meaningful, different then the sterile envelopes of a bill or a solicitation? You can spot it instantly between the ad flyer and the credit card offers before even pulling the mail out. It sticks out like a flower in a junk yard. I found such an envelope in my mail box today and you can only imagine my smile.

Yes, I was rather mopey today but there were many, many smiles. The mope did not get the best of me. It was a pleasant snowy Saturday indeed.


  1. He is so cute.
    Den and I made truffles and we had to keep making them bigger because they wouldn't set up properly.We kept laughing that they would end up the size of softballs.

    1. Thanks!

      Oh my gosh! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one. ooh, you just reminded me I have one left. Going to eat it now...