Monday, November 2, 2015

Thankful for my Husband

Ever had a crush on someone for years? But it’s kind of a silly crush, the kind of crush where you don’t really expect to end up with the person; like they’re so different from you that it hardly makes sense. Then suddenly (four years later) at a music festival six hours from home this person says how they’ve liked you for ages/ had a sort of silly crush for years that they never expected to go anywhere. A little over a year passes and you’re driving to Georgia to get married. And after 13 years of marriage, you’re both fully aware that you wouldn’t want to do life with any other single soul on the planet; that likely there’s no chance any other person alive could deal with each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. We drive each other completely insane and I’m totally okay with that. There’s no one else in all of space or time… I’m very thankful for the man I married, my other half.


  1. God bless the two of you. Yes, I know there are now three but marriage is important so today I'm just saying, God bless the two of you.