Sunday, February 7, 2016

Family Time

Yesterday's outing to see my mom, sister, and little Abe's cousins was really fun and uplifting. As you can see from the photos these guys had a blast playing together, as usual (and yes they spent a significant amount of time playing in the box that my mom keeps some toys for her grandkids in).

Today's it certainly isn't sunny but it's a few degrees above freezing so the kiddo and I are going to head out of doors for awhile. Yay for outside time!

Those bright red cheeks; he gets that from me.
Anytime I'm the least bit active my entire face turns bright red.
That's my boy!


  1. They are adorable!!!
    And he might be my kid. LOL. My face lights up now that I'm getting older.

    1. Haha, something we have in common! Mine has always turned bright red from activity. I remember being teased about it in middle school gym class. I don't mind it, but apparently it's something worthy of teasing.

  2. They are both adorable and when yours is 18 those cheeks are going to come in handy with the girls!