Friday, February 19, 2016

Perfume and Pretty Pink Nail Polish

The nail polish is a very pretty light pink and is named Riga. For anyone who may not know Riga is the capital city of the country Latvia. Latvia can be found between Lithuania and Estonia. It just so happens that during my sophomore year of high school there was a Latvian exchange student in our school. It's also fact that after only one year of friendship, like face to face, lets me up at the coffee shop and go for long drives with the music blaring friendship, she still remains one of my very closest friends. Funny how thousands of miles of separation can't ruin a friendship.

Last year for my birthday I received this little pretty pink bottle of nail polish from thousands of miles away and yesterday (or the day before) I very happily accomplished goal number five of my fourteen February goals.

5. Paint my nails

The pink nails are special for several reasons. I hardly ever paint my nails. I am one of the least girly girls you could ever meet. Pink is the farthest from any color I'd ever choose for anything. And for all of these reasons it's all the more special to have pink nails. I'm reminded of my dear friend every single time I look at my hands, a friend I never see, a friend I couldn't just meet up with at the coffee shop if I wanted to, a friend who means the world to me but lives worlds away. The pink and the polish are 100% a gift from her.

I decided to add a bonus goal to my list in honor of my friend and my pink nails and to add a little more out of the ordinary to my day (this month needs as much good out of ordinary as I can squeeze in).

15. Stop at the mall just to smell the Escada limited edition perfume

This same friend wrote to me a few weeks back saying how happy she was to have indulged with some money she'd been given as a gift; that she recently purchased the Escada limited edition perfume and how much she loved it. She said that it smelled like "pineapples and like being happy and carefree." I thought then and there as I read that line, "she may be oceans away but I could easily go to the mall and smell pineapples and happiness and this fragrance of being carefree." What a neat idea, a minute, tiny, itty bitty way for us to connect. How odd that I could smell the pinapply, happy fragrance of my friend whose 4165 miles (6702 km) away?

And today, mission accomplished. I had to go to two stores to find it but I did find it. Fortunately they had a tester and I sprayed it several times on my wrist. Now I fully intend to turn off the computer and listen to the sound of the very powerful WARM wind outside while I read a book from the library, look at my pretty pink nails, and smell wafts of Pineapple and happiness. Free, yet priceless. Just like the very best friendships.
Pink nails at the beach


  1. We've had crazy wind today and actual hard rain. It is supposed to be warm, but ugh if it freezes. How special to have reminders of a dear friend.I hope you get to be reunited in person.

    1. I know how you feel. Every time there's a thaw in winter and lots of rain I get terrified that it's going to freeze. I hope it doesn't freeze for you. It was in the 50's here today and almost all the snow melted but thankfully no rain just horrendously strong wind.

      I hope to see her again one day too. My goal is to take a trip over there. I believe it will happen one day :)

  2. Replies
    1. I almost took one then I was like, "nah, my hands are so dry." I might still add one for you.

  3. We need to see a picture! I had to do my own toenails for the first time in a . . . long time. I saved my "personal" money for a massage for my birthday. Let me just say that it looks like a child did them. ;-) I only did it because I was going to a water park, couldn't find any polish remover before my flight, and had chunks of red polish still left on my nails. It was a glorious sight. My sister mocked me endlessly about them! :-)

    LOVE your fun list of activities. And now I want to go smell that perfume.

    1. Okay, to re-iterate how I'm the least girly girl ever, I've never had my nails painted by someone else. I know, I'm weird. That's a funny story though :) I bet the massage was great!