Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fourteen days

I guess we're half way; there are now fourteen days left in this never ending month.
Here are my fourteen "attempt to redeem February" goals:

  1. Read 19 books with little Abe. (to get to 500 in our 1000 books before Kindergarten book log) DONE
  2. Try out Cream Cheese Mints recipe DONE
  3. Get rid of 28 things/ clutter donated 2 books to library
  4. Write and mail a letter DONE mailed a card? (I play by my rules)
  5. Paint my nails DONE
  6. Read 2 books One read, currently reading two others
  7. Go on a date with my hubby
  8. Finish the paper mache toy shelf
  9. Draw something
  10. Add 1400 words to my book (the one I wrote for my niece for Christmas. I'm still working on it.)
  11. Go on a special outing with little Abe DONE
  12. Make a new dinner
  13. Do a fun art project/ craft with my boy DONE; I'm going to consider our trip to the children's museum a fun project
  14. Clean my room
  15. BONUS GOAL Stop at the mall just to smell the Escada limited edition perfume DONE

Average daily spending for 2016: $19.11


  1. Ok......so what did you do today :)

    1. I bet you can guess. Look at the list for just one second and think to yourself, "what would she do first?" I bet you figure it out right away.

  2. I think a nap should be added in there. LOL Wait that is my list.
    I'm trying to find new ways to cut some expenses off of the main budget.

    1. I wish! I can't nap. Everytime I do I wake up ready to kill someone; horrible headache and weird rage issues. Naps + me = very bad.

  3. Replies
    1. I think we'll manage to find a bit of fun this month.

  4. The sun is so necessary for mental health. Glad you are getting some and also feel like trying something new. I wish I had taken the time to do things like that when my kids were little

    1. We've really not seen the sun all month :( Until today.
      It seems like trying new things helps pick me up a bit though. And honestly I LOVE experiencing new things with little Abe (even if they are only new to him). Watching a child learn has been one of my all time favorite experiences ever since I was a young adult. The amazement, the joy, the fun they have doing new things, I love it!