Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Numbers Are In

I can't believe it's actually happening. February is finally ending... right? I mean, only one more day!!!

These last two weeks have been considerably better then the first two. There is no denying that. The fourteen goals to redeem February helped me to power through. But I've still been in a bit of a winter daze. Not quite so down but definitely dazed. Spring is rapidly approaching. We've been finding fresh (un-frozen) air through sporadic bits of stubborn late winter blizzards. Sunshine has begun to re-emerge from hibernation. Ahhh, signs of life are returning to planet earth and February, dear February is finally about to close.

I way overspent in January. The February budget was set at $436.18. I went over budget this month as well but I did more stocking too. In January I stocked up on about four months worth of toilet paper, dish washer detergent, and laundry detergent. This month I stocked up on at least six months worth of shampoo and conditioner. Thus, I'm once again not fretting so much about the overage even though I could have done better. The average is still up for the year but considering that my goal is to come in under $17 a day for 2016 I came pretty close for the month of February itself.

And our grocery budget that hovers really close to $12 a day is a little under this month. I'll take little wins anywhere I can get them!

Average daily spending for February: $17.13

February averages and spending categories
Groceries $322.74: that's an average of $11.13 a day
Food out $59.20: that's an average of $2.05 a day
Stuff $14.51: that's an average of 50 cents a day
Toiletries $36.50: that's an average of $1.26 a day
Gifts $29.70: that's an average of $1.03 a day
Cleaning $20.49: that's an average of 71 cents a day
Garden $13.75: that's an average of 45 cents a day
Average daily spending for 2016: $19.51


February 2016 Total: $496.90                                        $436.18 Feb. budget
Seeds $13.75    2.28
Food after museum $15.00    2.27
Groceries $33.44    2.26
Carpet spray $7.62    2.25
NO SPEND day 20    2.24
NO SPEND day 19    2.23
Groceries $29.28    2.22
NO SPEND day 18    2.21
Arby's $19.35    2.20
Frozen yogurt with Abe $6    2.20
Groceries $54.41    2.19
Two furnace filters $12.87    2.19
Groceries $9.01    2.18
Coffee and lunch $5.44    2.17
Coffee $1.90    2.16
Groceries $9.57    2.16
Shampoo and Conditioner $18.57    2.15
Groceries $28.64    2.15
NO SPEND day 17    2.14
Groceries $2.36    2.13
NO SPEND day 16    2.12
Groceries $13.85    2.11
McD's $3.26    2.11
Groceries $13.69    2.10
Birthday gift $16.68    2.10
NO SPEND day 15    2.9
Groceries $10.47    2.8
Toiletries $2.65    2.8
NO SPEND day 14    2.7
Groceries $51.39    2.6
Shampoo, Cond. & Deodorant $15.28    2.6
Stuff $10.52
B-day gift $8.03    2.6
NO SPEND day 13    2.5
Groceries $19.75    2.4
Valentines gift for Abe $4.99    2.4
Groceries $11.77    2.3
A book for my boy $3.99    2.2
Groceries $17.79    2.2  
Grocery store sub $4.99    2.2
Groceries $17.32    2.1
McD's $3.26    2.1


  1. $17.13 is brilliant - or rather you are brilliant!

  2. I think you did great - when I am in a funk it seems like I spend WAY more than necessary just to get out of the house. I think the best thing on the list was the book for your boy.....ALWAYS a good choice!!!

    1. Thanks, its been difficult to even get out of the house, other than work. It's just been so cold everywhere. BUT spring is rapidly approaching. Yay!!!

    2. Even though there's another blizzard right now, haha

  3. Good month! I see that you've already bought some seeds. What did you buy? I haven't bought any yet but I need to do some planning.

    1. I bought four different types from Baker Creek. A purple carrot, spinach, pie pumpkin, and black krim tomato. I grew roma's last year and black krim from plants the year before. I loved the black krim so I'm going to grow both roma and black krim this year. The spinach and pumpkin will be my new additions this year. I'm SOOOOOOO ready for spring :)

    2. Me too!!! I love that you can harvest your spinach and keep on harvesting as it grows back. Did your little guy get to pick something all his own to plant? My kids love doing that and it gives them ownership.

  4. Wins are wins, whether they are big or little wins. You do a great job all the time!

  5. I'm with you - can't wait for spring!! It was warm here for the past few days, but we're going to have rain for the next week. I'm so excited for our seedlings to start growing!