Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I quickly grabbed a few things on the way out of work so that we could have a green dinner. It was simple but still a fun way for us to be semi-festive. Little Abe was thoroughly impressed. He thought it was so fun that our dinner had a theme. He is obsessed with Star Wars right now so I grabbed the green water bottle with Yoda on it while I was getting the pickles, kiwi, and turkey dogs. The bottle was on clearance for $3. I figured he'd love to have green water with his green dinner.

Our green dessert was about as simple as it gets and yet we both thoroughly enjoyed it. He kept saying throughout dinner, "I didn't know it was St. Pack-kricks day."

After dinner we headed to the great green outdoors so that he could try out one of his birthday presents for the first time. He had lots of fun and I could (can) hardly believe how big my baby boy is. We took a scooter break to search all over the yard see if we could find buds on all the different bushes and trees. He learned a bit about nature, spring, and "baby leaves," and I enjoyed seeing all the different colors and sizes of buds on the bushes and trees throughout our yard.

Despite the fact that I've been rather overworked these past two weeks (including today) we really enjoyed this 2016 St. Patrick's day.


  1. When my boys were little I remember adding green dye to rice to tint it for St. Patrick's Day. They weren't as impressed when I tinted rice pink and made a heart-shaped meatloaf for Valentine's Day though (perhaps a little girl would have appreciated that more). But their favorite was one morning when we 'randomly' had a frozen pizza for breakfast - that day as they went to school I was the coolest mom ever. It wasn't until dinner that night when we had pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon they realized I was having fun with April Fool's Day. Thanks for your post that brought back these memories:)

  2. Good thing you are not in Minnesota-the winds would have blown him right over. fun way to introduce the festivities of St Patrick's Day.

    1. I think your weather ends up here the next day. It was VERY windy on Friday.