Saturday, March 26, 2016


I've blogged less this year then I ever have within the past five years. I don't think there's any sort of a real hiatus on the horizon. I really truly need this outlet. But between winter blues, a killer sinus infection, way too much work for the past three weeks; the combination of all these colliding factors has caused my absence from the blogosphere. I've been surviving but something I've blogged about for years has been sadly missing; I have not been stopping regularly to notice the lovely bits of life.

Today the sun is beaming radiantly through our blinds. It's that gorgeous fancy sort of sun that doesn't appear everyday but when it does you notice it. It makes the house look warmer, friendlier; things that you don't normally even notice glow with beauty. The radiant beams are making me happy and it is lovely.

I'm going to encourage myself to post a bit of lovely each day to the blog, like I used to do very regularly. It'll be good for me and well frankly I think its just the sort of medicine I need in life right now (and always).

A little lovely list to get me started:
  1. The Bidwell Casaba melon sprouts, currently basking in today's radiant, fancy sun beams.
  2. My sons fuzzy hair right now. He's growing out a buzz cut and I can't get enough of looking at his fuzzy brown noggin, despite his horrendous mood swings as of late.
  3. Spring.
  4. The way little Abe frantically dashes to put his shoes on lately every time I take the dogs out back so that he can chase around his best buddy Bozz.
  5. The chili cooking away on the stove top right now. Ahh, the smell of chili!
  6. The velvety perfection of fresh lemon custard (or lemon curd; I'm too novice to know the difference but custard sounds better). I used the last two of those gorgeous California lemons to make it yesterday and it's a lovely yellow smile in a jar.
  7. Friendship; even when separated by an ocean, a friendship that space and time can't touch, a friendship that adds tremendous joy to life and encourages me to be a better person... that's about as lovely as it gets.

lemon custard pinwheels


  1. Blog when you feel the lure, but not if it adds, rather than takes away your enjoyment of your life. I;m trying to cut myself some slack, and also go back to enjoying the blog for fun. Love, love, love fuzzy headed little boys! Your lemon pin wheels look incredible s well.

  2. That is a beautiful list!!! Sometimes it is hard to focus on the positive but you do a good job of reminding me of what is important (family and being healthy) and what isn't (finances and all the other crap in our lives)!!!

    1. Thank-you. Some days the "whats important" slips out of perspective. But I try really hard to keep that in focus.

  3. I'm with you on the fuzzy boy heads - adorable. M took Nick to a new place yesterday, and they basically gave him a military cut. We are all missing the previous shag. ;-) SO happy to see the lemons in action. We picked six more today, and I used some for hummus. I should make pinwheels. . . yum!

    1. We enjoyed the lemons so much and the custard is WONDERFUL. I put some over strawberries yesterday. MMMmmmm!
      My husband gave little Abe a kind of long buzz cut last time around. It was cute and he loved it but I missed his hair. The fuzzy head stage is so cute though!