Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spending Update and a Game Plan

Average daily spending for 2016: $19.18

I've really been hugging that $19.20 a day range for awhile now. I really have not been able to shake it. I must admit that I haven't been trying that hard either. I've not necessarily been splurging but I have not been planning out my shopping trips very well at all.

There are a few very busy weeks coming up for work. My job is pretty labor intensive at times and I'm admittedly in the absolute worst shape of my life. In other words a few busy weeks at work REALLY saps my energy FAST!

Energy sapped = very poor planning, extra spending, lack of self control, and a grouchy Rivulet.

I need to just face this beast head on and, as I've just done, admit what I'm up against but then also put the boxing gloves on. I think, partially in keeping with my last post while facing what lies ahead I really need to stick to a game plan.

  1. Set time aside each day for me
  2. Start the morning with a devotional
  3. Cut out nonsense, brain overload stimulation (severely limit TV, radio, and facebook time)
  4. Work out at least five days a week for at least 20 minutes (I'd like to hit 30 min. each day but I'm being realistic)
  5. Stretch twice a day, everyday
  6. Water is my friend!!! Drink lots and lots of water (I should honestly have a sign somewhere in my house that says To-do List: Drink Water)
  7. Plan to make fun delicious treats at home so I don't feel the need to splurge on them while I'm working or when I get out of work
  8. I should meal plan this month too (I hate meal planning)
  9. Keep up a daily love list about my guys (to help keep me from turning into angry, nagging, snapping wife/mommy)

Okay, it's no longer the dreaded February. Yes, it's still cold. Yes, we're losing an hour of sleep next week. But spring is coming. Warmth is coming. Growth, and life, and fresh air will be soon upon us. I will get spending down and I will not let work get the best of me. On to a great March!


  1. I too am happy to leave February behind. March could step up though and be a bit cheerier.

    1. Haha! Exactly. I dislike that a whole week of March has gone by and it's still been so cold and snowy that I've just been coasting. Not anymore!

  2. I hate meal planning also! It makes me feel boxed in to a set menu. I like the idea of a semi plan with a lot of options!

    Some months just cost more than others, and face it, we all splurge occasionally.

    1. The closest I can get is a semi meal plan as well. Anytime I ever said, we're eating this on Monday and that on Tuesday and such and such on Wednesday I feel so boxed in it's maddening. And I put myself in the box, it really shouldn't be so bad. My meal planning would be having it written down on paper what seven dinners are available for the week. We'd eat which ever on any day. But at least I have the concrete seven options planned out. Yes, I wing a lot of things in life. Planning is almost always better.

  3. Having lived all over, I find spring to be a cruel season in all but the south.

    I deactivated my Facebook in fall, thinking I would go back on after the holidays. I haven't yet, and I am much happier. It was a time zapper.

    1. I would like to deactivate it at times but I don't have a cell phone (we just have a home phone; that's the way we want it), and lets face it people don't call anymore, they text. Facebook is kind of like a way for people to "text" me. I keep in contact with A LOT of friends and family on there. Facebook is a HUGE time zapper so I need to be really disciplined and just check in like once or twice a day for literally one or two minutes. Instead of just sitting there scrolling through the feed mindlessly for like 15 minutes (or longer).

      At least I don't play facebook games and I hardly ever click on links or videos but still facebook can take up massive chunks of time without you even realizing it.