Monday, August 1, 2016

July Numbers are in

Average Daily Spending for July: $19.82

June and July were a whirlwind of schedule changes, job changes, changes, changes, changes, and loads of good old fashioned summer fun. I purposed to stay on top of spending in June but I completely lost track. Like, completely. I can't say that I spent an outrageous amount just that I did not have the energy, time, or attention span to stay on top of keeping track.

I've managed to scrape together a pretty accurate account of spending for July but I know there are a few purchases here and there that I don't have record of and can't remember (the one downside to paying with cash). I think we're just about used to the new jobs, new schedules, and figuring out how to get through each day with a few marbles left in the end. Most days.

I need to set some serious budget goals for August. At the top of the list is just to get back to tracking every penny that goes out. I don't really want to put in place a super strict budget but I do need to set a reasonable one and maybe shoot for specific spending categories.

I'm really not upset about where I'm at with spending for the year. The grocery average is a bit high at $12.44 a day. I'd like to come in under $12 a day for the year on that one (that puts me about $81 over budget for the year; not bad). My initial goal for the year over all is anywhere under $17 a day for total spending. Currently I'm at $18.43 a year ($260 over budget) so my under $17 is still reasonable but cutting it really close. I might have to think about revising up to under $17.50 a day.

All in all I'm pretty happy with where the spending is at. The changes in June have filled our home with considerably more joy and contentment. July was a fabulous month full of so much sunshine, fun times with friends, and summer excitement galore. I anticipate that August will be equally as wonderful; it's a time for blueberry picking, harvesting in the garden, more sunshine and warmth, hopefully some nice long walks, and ideally lots of really special time with family.

Average Daily Spending for 2016: $18.43

Groceries $432.89: that's an average of $13.96 a day
Clothes $58.47: that's an average of $1.88 a day
Gifts $35.97: that's an average of $1.16 a day

Food out $22.12: that's an average of 71 cents a day
Cleaning $18.98: that's an average of 61 cents a day
Stuff $17.65: that's an average of 60 cents a day
Toiletries $13: that's an average of 42 cents a day

Garden $15.48: avg. 49 cents a day

July 2016 Total: $614.56
Groceries $25.66    7.31
Canning jars $9.89    7.30
Groceries $16.11    7.30
Farmer's market $12    7.30
Groceries $4.49    7.29
Lunch $4.18    7.28
Laundry detergent $10.99    7.27
Shower curtain liner & spray bottle $3.77    7.27
Groceries $54.51    7.27

Clothes for Abe $13.27    7.26
Lunch $2.09    7.25

NO SPEND day 58   7.24
Shorts for Abe $6.04    7.23
Groceries $18.50 7.23
Groceries $18.43 7.22
Ice cream $7    7.22
Gift $35.97    7.22
Food at work $6.20    7.21
Groceries $6.22 7.21
Groceries $8.81 7.20
Lighter fluid $4.85 7.20
Canning jars and tool $15.48    7.19
Groceries $18.41 7.19
Dog pee spray $7.99    7.18
Groceries $26.03 7.18
NO SPEND day 57   7.17
Shirt for me $24    7.16
Apples $1.85     7.16
Groceries $26.09     7.15
Groceries $28.31    7.14
NO SPEND day 56    7.13
Groceries $6.28     7.12
Groceries $10.45     7.11
Toy for Abe $3.99    7.10
Groceries $60.14     7.10
Soap $13    7.10

Groceries $11.77     7.9
NO SPEND day 55    7.8
Groceries $49.96     7.7
NO SPEND day 54    7.6

NO SPEND day 53    7.5
Groceries $17.21    7.4
Starbucks $2.65    7.4
Clothes for Abe $15.16    7.3

Groceries $6.81     7.3
NO SPEND day 53    7.2
NO SPEND day 52    7.1


  1. I'm so pleased you are doing your "numbers are in" posts again! I checked and it was only June when you didn't do one but this blog seems to be for you a way of keeping your eye on the ball. And as always I salute you - you are brilliant at penny pinching. I've been keeping track of every penny this year and I know it's not easy but it really does show my weaknesses!!!

    1. This blog definitely helps me keep an eye on the ball. Accountability is so important and this is one huge way for me to have that.

  2. You are doing such a good job. Awesome work!!

    1. Thank-you. That past two months have NOT felt great money wise, mostly because I've not been paying nearly enough attention but I'm pretty happy with how things stand right now.