Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pickle Results

The sun pickles sat out for three days. It was mostly sunny all three days. The first day was pretty overcast. It was only really hot one day. I learned something strange that I would have never known otherwise: garlic often times turns blue when pickled. You might imagine that I was a bit worried when I first noticed the blue garlic cloves in my pickles jars. I was. Thanks to google I quickly learned that it's completely safe and normal. It's just a reaction between the vinegar and trace amounts of metals in the garlic.

I come to you with mixed reviews on the pickle results. I made three jars of spicy pickles by adding one halved jalapeno (that's one whole jalapeno cut in half) to each jar. My husband is the spicy pickle fan and tends to spend ridiculous amounts of money on expensive jars of them that don't have the added coloring and extra chemical ingredients. The results on the spicy pickles were a resounding, "Awesome!" And that's actually saying a lot because my husband makes a part time job out of critiquing EVERYTHING I do. I'm not a spicy pickle fan but I tasted one and It was SUPER hot just like he likes it and the flavor was great!

The two jars of regular dill got a great review from my four year old who is also an enormous pickle fan. He loves them. I however think they are WAY too salty. And if I were to bring the salt down a notch I think they'd be too garlicky as well. (there are many different recipes online with many different ratios of salt to vinegar to water so I know that I can safely alter the salt level)

Knowing the two guys that I live with these five jars will be gone really fast. I think next time I will make five jars of spicy pickles using the same recipe <- here. But I'll make a separate batch of regular garlic dill using less salt and less garlic. I'm hesitant to cut the salt or the garlic in the spicy pickles because they are pretty spot on. If I mess with possibly the first thing I have ever done that has ever received a five star review from my husband I would be a bonafied crazy person.

I do recommend trying out sun pickles for anyone who is a pickle fan. There's a little patience involved but these pickles are SUPER EASY to make, turned out just as good as any gourmet pickle I've ever tried, got great reviews from the pickle fans in my life, and cost SOOOOO much less than buying from the store. I see a lot more pickle making in my future.


  1. I never knew garlic could turn blue. I would have been so worried about that one.
    I now feel the need to make pickles. I made freezer pickles a few times but never sun pickles.

    1. Even little Abe was worried about the garlic. He comes up to me, "mom, why is there something blue in the pickles?" It was definitely a surprise to see that. You learn something new every day, right?

  2. Replies
    1. Less than an hour after I posted this my husband called from work to ask if I was making more pickles today (there are five full jars in the fridge). He said that the next three days are supposed to be really hot and that'd probably be great for the pickles. I still think they're way too salty but the results are officially in. They're a hit.